The Top Four Advantages Of Using SiteGround Web Hosting

Sep 26, 2017 · 2 min read

In the previous article, we have explained the advantages of Ipage web hosting services. SiteGround is another globally recognized and best web hosting services company that was founded in 2004. If you read SiteGround Reviews, you will find that millions of customers find it the most reliable web hosting company. This Bulgaria based company serves customers worldwide with well-crafted web hosting solutions. Small and medium-sized businesses can make use of the shared Linux hosting. Large and growing websites can be deployed on cloud and dedicated servers. It is evidenced by the SiteGround Reviews that this web hosting is ideal for different types of websites. So, today we will cover the advantages of availing SiteGround web hosting services.

Performance and Speed

SiteGround promises speed and high performance. And, it successfully lives up to these promises. The speed and performance of a website greatly depend on the physical distance between the client and server. There are five major data centers of SiteGround in London, Chicago, Milan, Amsterdam and Singapore. The customer is automatically assigned to their data center. SiteGround assigns adequate resources to a website.

Features and Integrations

It provides a wide range of useful features to every customer including those who are technically biased. It offers unlimited email accounts and databases. It manages your server using industry standard cPanel. SiteGround does daily backup. SiteGround offers free domain name for one year, free site builder and free transfer to starter websites. Apart from these features, SiteGround also offers developer-oriented product integrations.

Customer Support

SiteGround Reviews will not only tell you about the quality the service but also about customer support. You can easily compare negative and positive reviews. When most of the reviews are positive (just as in the case of SiteGround) you can count on the service provider. An issue can be encountered anytime and it can be a customer-caused issue, employee-caused issue or any other technical issue. This customer support should be available 24x7. SiteGround offers a range of channel (that also includes phone) for quick response. SiteGround customer support is fast, responsive and transparent.

Global Oriented

Though SiteGround is from Bulgaria which is not a technical hub, still it is competing and growing like a champ in the web hosting industry. SiteGround offers free domains that are country specific. You can pay in AUD, USD, EUR or GBP. Having distributed data center locations is also an advantage. The company can easily and efficiently address the needs of international customers.


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