Everybody in life deserves the right to love and be loved.

But who determines who deserves what?.

Why do we always seek approval from others to determine who ‘deserves’ Love.

As a matter of fact what is Love?.

To be credited to deserve Love, what are the check boxes?.

○ Looks?

○ Personality?

○ Upbringing? Or is there even any?

These are just a bite of thoughts that correlate through my mind, nearly everyday.

Well let me introduce myself. My name is Kasey, I am 24 years old. I live by myself and have done for 5 years.

I have less than an handful of people I class as friends and a few associates I may bump into whilst out about town.

I have a best friend called Lolita. She’s 24 aswell. I love her as if she were my twin sister. We’ve known each other since I can remember her. (Probably around 18–20 years).

Let me tell you Lolita is absolutely beautiful, not just her looks but her personality. Her soul.

Her soul neatly hides inside the body of a Caramel skinned, almond eyed lady. Luscious evenly shaped lips means her straight teeth perfectly align whenever she smiled. Her hair was far from short, thickly long.

She stays inside most days, nowadays.

Now you may be reading this and wonder why I’ve even including her in ‘my’ introduction.

Well let me answer.

I will be giving you Lolitas story. Lolitas life.

The life that she had to live. Her story. Her book. Her fiction. Her reality. Her thoughts.

I want you to venture with me as I share her story. Her paths of life.

I will be telling this story, exactly how she wants me to. Factual. Open. Honest. Crazy. Real.

Now at this point you might be next wondering why I would even tell her story rather than mine or anyone else’s or even no one’s.

Let me answer that too.

Being so close to Lolita, I have seen her at all angles of life and I have to say I am truly inspired at the strength and beauty she carries, no matter what day, time or month it is.

I’m intrigued by the fight in her heart. The peace but raged war in her eyes.

Her story has made me relook at life completely and open up my brain to understand the other sides of life. I do believe that there are many females who have lived a fairly similar lifestyle, so I suppose this not only provides a story for those who read but also some off you readers may be able to confide and relate to Lolitas story.

So as soon as you are ready to read Lolitas story make a fresh tea, wrap up, get comfy and begin.

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