Announcement on Hotbit completing STQ replacement of SWYFTT and will launch SWYFTT(SWYFT Network) on December 23

Dec 23, 2019 · 1 min read

Dear Hotbit users,

Hotbit will complete the STQ replacement of new token SWYFTT(SWYFT Network). STQ tokens in Hotbit accounts will be automatically exchange to SWYFTT as 11288:1.

Hotbit will launch SWYFTT(SWYFT Network) on December 23

2019.12.23 15:00(UTC+8) open SWYFTT deposit function

2019.12.23 15:00(UTC+8) open SWYFTT/BTC and SWYFTT/ETH trading pairs

What is SWYFTT?

Swyft Network will offer the first Transparent ERC20 Smart Contract that rewards Monthly to all its Investors based on incentivised targets, business performance and project delivery. Our Vision is to create an eco system which allows the purchasing of everyday items through a commercial Store backed by a merchant gateway for fiat recovery.

Contract address: 0xA1248c718d52752b2cC257eeb0eBa900408dAeB8

Risk warning

The investment on cryptocurrency projects is subject to high market risks.Please make your investments cautiously.Hotbit will make best efforts to choose the cryptocurrency projects with high quality,but Hotbit will not be responsible for any of your investment losses.

Thank you for your support !

Yours truly

Hotbit Team

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