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Jan 15 · 4 min read

Dear Respected Hotbit Users

In order to respond to the call of our community members, Hotbit is scheduled to launch the monthly “Community Voting for New Token Listing on Hotbit” event starting from 2020. The event aims at collecting the potential blockchain projects as nominees to get listed on Hotbit from all Hotbit community members around the world (only those projects which has already finished their ICO will be qualified as nominees).

Rules and Regulations:

Project Registration and Selection

1. Hotbit will first select those projects that have been mentioned frequently by users’s comments or interactions on Hotbit’s official Twitter accounts on a monthly basis. After determining the initially qualified projects, Hotbit will then screen and filter 6 projects out of all initially qualified projects as nominees based on multiple assessment criteria, such as the projects have been mentioned for the greatest number of times by users, or that the quality of the projects’ communities are among the best of all qualified projects, for the forthcoming possible connections and voting.

2. The 6 nominee projects will be published through various channels such as Hotbit’s official Twitter account and official announcements.

3. The project teams of relevant projects are required to fill in Hotbit’s project assessment report forms within one week (which include relevant information such as type of blockchain, address of smart contract, token distribution details and brief introduction of the project within 200 words etc.).

The Voting Stage

1. Hotbit launches the “Voting for New Token Listing” section, then all voters shall enter the designated web page on Hotbit’s official website and vote for their projects. Each voter may claim 1 HTB to vote for their favorite project.

2. In order to vote for their projects, the voters may also purchase HTB from secondary market.

3. The final result of the vote will be based on the overall ranking of the number of voters + number of votes

4.Hotbit will list the projects ranked №1 in overall ranking within one week (for projects based on ERC20,EOS,TOMO,NEO,XML,BEP2,TRX blockchain only, the time of listing for other mainnet projects will be determined by the status of mainnet connection). The projects that are ranked №2 and №3 will enter the next round of “Voting for New Token Listing” event. (However, no third chance will be given to any projects that failed to get listed in two rounds of events).

5.After the vote terminates, all HTB that users use to vote for their projects will be returned to all relevant users’ accounts.

The Listing Stage

The winning projects may have the opportunity to receive (USD$ 20,000 worth of tokens for launching the event of “Hotbit Users’ Favorite Project” and relevant promotions). Hotbit may provide all its resources for the promotion and incubation of the winning projects.

Hotbit Data

Hotbit User Coverage:550,000+ Registered Users in Total

Number of Hotbit’s Fans on Social Media Accounts: 60,000+ Registered Users on Hotbit’s Official Social Media Accounts in Total

The Promotions From Hotbit’s Partner Communities:Supported by 1,000+ overseas & Chinese communities run by users from the industry

The Promotions by Hotbit KOL: Reposted and supported by 100+ overseas and Chinese KOLs etc.

AMA Promotions: Live-streamed by 200+ overseas and Chinese communities run by users from the industry

Hotbit Promotions: Ad space by APP start-up, top banner demonstration on official website and APP, Twitter, Medium, Facebook Official Announcements and Promotions, Daily Quick Message from APP etc.

The excellent services of overall promotions and incubators provided by Hotbit:

AMA Live-streaming: AMA is launched on live-stream, which involves project introduction and online questions. (High level of user participation and interaction)

The project team joins the live-stream on Hotbit’s official online communities such as Hotbit’s official Telegram channel for online user interactions in the form of Q&A, introduces the project and promote the highlights of the project in the community in the form of online questions and thus promotes the users’ understandings regarding various aspects of the project, including the business model of the project, technical innovation of the project etc. The users who provide correct answers for online questions will receive relevant tokens as rewards.

Event Coverage: Live-streamed by 200+ overseas and Chinese communities run by users from the industry

Event Duration: Promotion, AMA (1 Hour), distribution of rewards, 36 hours in total

50% Discount: 50% discount flash sale for limited time with limited availability (high level of user participation, positive feedback, enhances the influence and circulation of the token on the market)

Fans’ Carnival, 50% Discount Flash Sale, 1–2 Rounds, 30 Minutes for Each Round
Prerequisite for participation: In order to be qualified for participating in the event, the users are required to hold a certain amount of USDT in their Hotbit accounts.

During the flash sale, the users are required to go through man-machine verification process in the form of verification bar.

Promotion through Hotbit’s Official Website: Banner and ad demonstration on Hotbit’s official website and APP (covers all effective users)

Trading Competition / Deposit Competition: Competition Reward Mode. (The competition aims at promoting the level of participation among all users, the competition can be conducted in various forms and the rewards may be determined according to different situations as well)

Prize Wheel: Game Mode Event

Airdrop Incentives: can be combined with any other events


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Hotbit is one of the professional digital asset exchange platforms that provide trading services among major digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum

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