A Fork in the Road
Vinny Lingham

I don’t even know where to begin, but let’s just try.

Pretty sure the BU miners do not want to create a minority fork, so a “BTU” is very unlikely. Maybe this is also a technical misunderstanding? Even if all miners tomorrow switch to BU it would not automatically create a Fork, for the foreseeable future they are still mining 1MB blocks, 100% BTC compatible. And if they just force a fork without major ecomomic backing, I would likely quickly stop my BU node and go back to core. We want a _Majority_ fork if it should ever happen.

Also imho roger ver has not much to do with the situation, him being vocal is just a symptom of the market wanting bigger blocks, not the cause. I am still pretty convinced this would be the same situation without him, his pool is very tiny compared to the chinese miners.

>This post is asking the community to put aside their differences and come together to prevent an irreparable splinter.

Agreed this would be nice if somehow possible, I am also sick of it :)

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