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Feb 5, 2018 · 4 min read

I have been reviewing porn related tokens for some time now, and I’ll be talking about all of them. Pinkdate, Vice, Porntoken, fapcoin, pinkdate, Livestars and I’m sure many more will come. I’ve already written a little about Pinkdate which you can read here.

Right now I want to talk about Eroiy coin which just popped up on my google ads and I had to learn about it. It is already in Pre-ICO stage so I assumed it must have been around for some time. I checked out Eroiy’s Youtube to find out that the oldest video is from a week ago all from Xbiz2018, an adult event, similar to AVN event that happened in January.

The introduction video is a little off starting “Attention: The following video may determine your future. Anyone who bought bitcoin in 2009 was able to enjoy seeing their action many times over” (I barely understood what he said there, auto translated) It is stated like this could be a similar thing. An ICO comparing itself to BTC is not a good sign.

Their twitter account was showing Eroiy_token instead of Eroiy_coin but they have corrected it in the same day probably after I have notified them.

I continued with the whitepaper to understand what they are offering. Within the same tweet I asked them about how they intended to stay anonymous. No reply, weird.

These things are important so I’m giving you the TLDR of the whitepaper here read it at least.

“5.1.1 Anonymity

The most obvious and arguably most important advantage the Eroiy offers to consumers is the anonymity it provides. As of now, online adult entertainment users could only pay for content and subscriptions using their credit or debit card, phone payments, immediate transfer or with an online wallet like PayPal, all of which are linked to personal information, making it possible for purchases and payments to be traced back to the consumer. By using the Eroiy to pay for adult content, users will be able to avoid providing their personal information, hence remaining anonymous and protecting one’s details and online behavior from not only the merchant, but also friends, family, etc…”

“A total of 2 billion Eroiy will be created and issued on the NEM (New Economy Movement) blockchain protocol using a smart contract.” This sentence is not a problem in itself but the privacy aspect is a problem. They are arguing they will have anonymous transactions. NEM foundation is keeping track of stolen XEM tokens and you are going to have private transactions within NEM? Here is one article detailing the so called anonymous transactions. They are probably talking about pseudo anonymity, the same as Bitcoin.

If they have good marketing, none of these things matter. At the end of the day if the following is true:

“The Eroiy team has an unmatched personal and long-time network to all of the large merchants in the primary target market, and has already received several letters of intent with regard to future adoption of the Eroiy as a means of payment (subject to technical compatibility). Compared to previous similar ICO projects, Eroiy is the first to be able to build up the critical size of payments volume.” If this is true then this ICO will explode. People will probably buy this because they have a good team and average Joe won’t care about these minor details. From the Linkedin accounts and the event videos, it seems likely they have good connections.

This is what Eroiy is offering in a simple chart. DEBIT CARD, NO FEES, PRIVACY. Aside from the fact that “Who the fuck needs debit card?” this is probably for seniors who want to get in on the action.

Eroiy Comparison to other coins

One good aspect of owning this coin is that they will have memberships. 1 Coin is 0.08 USD. For 8.000 USD you get Gold membership with loads of premiums, early access to fap material/shows. Who knows, maybe escorts some day?

Membership bonus

Do your own research before investing, and if you do you will probably see this is a good one for speculative purposes. Creating a useful product for the future, not so much.


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