2015 Travel Tips When Visiting Bruges

2015 is the year to visit Belgium! Book your tickets before everyone does, Belgium is becoming the next big travel destination in Europe…

Spring 2015 is almost over, and I was thinking — while sipping on my martini in the bowler bar — about my next blog post. Something on summer? Errr…No. I like to think what matters is what my readers resonate with, not a vague subject. For example, whenever I bump into a fellow guest at Hotel Prinsenhof I’m frequently confronted with the same question, “What should I visit in Bruges?”.

(So here goes…)

How to get there?

The usual suspects offer flights and rental cars, but there are of course other means of travel like train and boat. If I can give you a word to the wise don’t forget to lookout for Eurostar sales. Without further ado, let’s get this train rolling. Here is my list of all the fun things to do and places to visit in Bruges.

1. Canals

Rozenhoedkaai in Bruges

Depending on the season, strolling through Bruges’ cobbled roads or taking a tour of the sensual rolling hills that make Bruges’ city ramparts is a true delight. On the outskirts of the city — to the northeast — there are four windmills that make for striking pictures. Here’s a tip: take a boat tour along the canals and discover bruges’ historic scenery with lively colors from a different perspective.

2. Churches

Church of our lady in Bruges

Top of the list are The Basilica of the Holy Blood and The Church of Our Lady. Both are grotesque churches with breathtaking architecture and contain a rich history.

You can’t miss these magnificent buildings…literally.

3. Museums

The Groeninge Museum features a overview of the history of Belgian plastic arts with works of the famous Flemish Primitives.

Historium — historical visitor attraction — is truly an unique experience. The attraction takes you back in time to medieval Bruges (15th century) and escorts you with the help of audio guides, films and special effects through the themed rooms.

4. City Center

Market square Bruges

The Markt is the city center and is lined with restaurants, bars and bistros. Tourist are drawn to this place because it is easy to find, but also for the great looking tower called the Belfry.

The Belfry of Bruges is a bell tower in the centre of Markt that was built in 1240. If you are willing to take on the challenge of climbing the 366 stairs, you will get a stunning view of the city.

Camera. Action.

5. Bars & beer

A Bruges Fool beer

What more can be said about Belgium and its selection of beers and ales? Over 1,000 unique beers exist in Belgium. The reason for such variety is the varied tastes of different water resources in Belgium. Quick tip: the pub Cambrinus boasts a beer menu of over 300 choices.

Next up is a tour of the only family brewery that is still active in Bruges today. The Brewery the halve maan has been brewing beer in Bruges since 1856, continuing through 6 generations of the Maes family.

The tour will show you the old and new brewing processes, the fermentation rooms, the glass collection and finished with a rooftop view of the city. After the tour you are treated to a free beer, a Bruges Fool.