The Online Travel Startup for Hotel Employees

HotelMate — The online travel startup that embodies the concept of a hotel employee benefit program

While it’s difficult to measure exact employment numbers in the hotel industry, statistics from various industry sources, lead to the fact that more than 30 million workers are occupied in hotel industry, at a global scale.

What we tend to ignore is that hotel employees, represent a large market segment group for hotels, since they also travel and book room nights. They travel with friends and families and the majority of them, currently use OTAs to make their hotel reservations, since they don’t get any motivation to act otherwise.
On the other hand, hotels still end up paying commissions to OTAs, for receiving these reservations, through their distribution channels.

That important issue we’re addressing with HotelMate.

HotelMate is the 1st online travel startup that combines the concept of a hotel employee benefit program with a commission-free distribution channel for hoteliers.

Instead of imposing commission fees, we ask hotels to offer at least 10% discount on their best available room rates, as featured in other commission based OTAS, applicable only to registered hotel employees and under conditions to their friends and families.

Considering that the position of OTAs is growing more and more controversial regarding the tools they use to drive bookings (higher commission percentages ~ higher hotel rankings), hoteliers should at least avoid outsourcing their internal market segments, to already established OTA channels and drive the revenue and visibility within their hotels.

By partnering up with HotelMate, hoteliers not only offer a reward to their own hotel employees and a motive to fellow colleagues, but they also utilise a new way to increase their hotels’ occupancy and save more, especially during low periods.

With HotelMate, hotels now have a tool that allows them to be creative and a real chance to diversify the fragmented distribution landscape, to their benefit.

You can visit to find out more and get actively involved in revolutionising hotel industry…from within!