Best features of hotel management system

Happy customers are quite essential in the hospitality industry. For customers to be satisfied, quality service, that too at affordable rates, is important. It is here that hotel management comes in. Today, small-sized and mid-sized establishments in the hospitality industry stand to gain the most from hotel management software. Also referred to as HMS software, the software helps to run any establishment — bed & breakfast (B&B), lodge, inn, resort, motel, ranch, medical centre, military guest house, hostel, hotel, apartment — smoothly and in an efficient manner. One of the key processes that are streamlined with the help of such management software is online hotel booking system.

Software developed for hotel management comes under Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). A dependable business tool, ERP offers software that helps an establishment to make use of certain integrated applications for managing business, seamlessly integrating all processes into a cohesive whole. Usually developed on the user-friendly MS Windows platform, such software for managing hotels is easy to understand and can be run effectively by the hotel staff, with almost no prior training whatsoever.

As a business tool, such software comes to you as a bundled-up package with no hidden costs whatsoever. The main features of the software include — unlimited Points of Sale (PoS) which include spa, restaurant, bar, room service; a completely secure Payment Gateway; ease of booking online through the official website as well as from travel portals and websites; database of experienced and qualified Travel Agents; and integration of the Accounts Section with the Housekeeping staff, Inventory as well as the Reception. The software also has centrally managed systems that take care of distribution along with reservation. In addition, the software also routinely generates detailed analytical reports, offering solutions for further refining each of the processes that go into running any establishment in the hospitality sector.

With full customization offered, there is indeed something for everyone. As the owner of the establishment, you get to choose the level of automation required for your specific purposes. In addition, you also get to select from between the desktop-based option and the cloud-based one. Almost all companies that offer such software solutions have the requisite expertise to send real-time updates and alerts straight to your mobile phone. This way, you can indeed be everywhere at once. Doing away entirely with the need for physically overseeing things, with a software installed you can just relax and run your establishment much better, without having to work any harder.


Hotel management software, also called Hotel Management System software or HMS software, is an impressive business tool that can greatly add to the revenues generated by almost any establishment in the hospitality industry. Online hotel booking system is one of the key processes that are streamlined with the help of this software.

In the hospitality sector, merging hotel management system with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) gives you a highly sophisticated and dependable software in the form of Hotell ERP. With complete secureness of data from inadvertent or intentional data breaches from within the premises, Hotell ERP offers the ease of managing a multitude of operations from a single window itself.