Top 5 Restaurants in Jodhpur

Hotel Shri Ram Empire

Jodhpur has always been an attention grabber among the visitors who never wish to leave any place that can add more color to their journey. This bustling city of Jodhpur is not only popular among the history lovers as it holds the glorious history with itself, but it is similarly popular among the food enthusiast as well. If you are curious to know about the best restaurant, then you have landed at the right place.

Shandar Sweet Home — if you wish to try something great, which can jazz up your mind within no time, then you must head to Shandar Sweet Home. Whether it is local or foreign visitors, it is very popular among both. If you miss, Shandar Sweet Home then your visit to Jodhpur will not be considered complete. This food point rules over the heart of food enthusiasts as they serve humble dishes delicious to the core. Here, every dish is prepared in Pure Deshi Ghee which makes them different from others. Those who are crazy about sweets and never let slip any chance from their hand to taste; Shandar Sweet Home is a perfect place to choose. Here, you can taste Gulab Jamun Ki Sabji, Dahi Vada, Ladhsun Dal and Gattar Curry. They are the name of the dishes, which script a success story of this Best Restaurant in Jodhpur.

Gypsy — Do you wish to taste various Rajasthani dishes having in one plate? You need to head Gypsy, which serves you the grand Rajasthani Thali holding at least 29 dishes. Gypsy emerges at the first place, when it comes to taste local and regional dishes lovingly cooked in myriad flavours. Balushahi and Dal Bati Churma are very delicious and popular.

Shri Ram Empire — It is next in this list of popular Restaurant In Jodhpur as it is widely known for serving Indian, North Indian Thali South Indian Continental Italian Indian Chaat And Confection Items at reasonable prices. Whether you are going alone or with the family, it is perfect to choose.

Hanwant Mahal — If the name of the restaurant comes along with the essence of royalty, then you can imagine how tasty dishes it would serve you. It is dedicated to offer you mind-blowing dishes like Lal Maas, Bater, Gatta Curry, Ker Sangri, Gulab Jamun and the list goes on.

Indique — Here you can try a wide range of Indian, Chinese to continental. Indium’s Kebabs is very popular and high in demand among the visitors and food lovers.


Sri Ram Empire is situated in the heart of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It has emerged as one of the prominent restaurants in Jodhpur committed to serve something unique and delicious. It keeps a close eye over maintaining hygiene.