White Noise
Son of Baldwin

Seriously? This is why we have a race issue in the USA, not because of whites disrespecting blacks but because we’ve defined a boundary (color) for one race to think EVERYTHING is about their color instead of their own individual accountability. Yes, the complaint note was strongly worded, by someone obviously frustrated at the premise of being awoke at an hour normally reserved for sleeping. They didn’t know why the commotion was going on upstairs, and whether they overreacted or not is a matter of subjectivity. However, in today’s charged social environments and climates, it’s perfectly acceptable to “leave a note” and avoid any direct conflict. I mean, seriously, who wants to go banging on a door at 2am not knowing what is on the other side of that door. And given the response by Mr. Brookshire, I would have certainly avoided being lectured about the plight of the black man instead of a sincerest apology for not respecting others.

The normal, rational course of action would be to either contact the aggrieved tenant directly and APOLOGIZE for the misunderstanding, explaining why it occurred, OR involve a neutral third party (management) to address the matter. Going off on a lengthy, grammatical diatribe is both unnecessary and irresponsible. Congrats on being a master of grammar, and being able to talk above everyone else, and for getting up on your soap box to preach about the plight of your racial ascension.

Again, SERIOUSLY? Take some personal accountability for waking this guy up. Things happen, and I’m sure he would have understood over an apology and explanation. And one more thing, way to go in strengthening and enlarging that perceived racial barrier with your inaction.

#HumanLivesMatter #RacialIgnorance