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WOW! So we really are beginning to live in a Third-World country. The Republican party (read, fully owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc.) has been taking us in this direction for decades, and no one should be surprised.

Frelinghuysen should not have to be voted out — prosecute his ass for abuse of office and send him to jail! The CEO and board of Lakeland Bank should have their pants sued off too.

The Republican “agenda of

(a) limited government, (b) economic growth, (c) stronger national security” is code for

(a) concentration of power in very few hands, (b) to maximise personal profit, (c) with escalating intimidation of opposition.

It’s not a coincidence that this thug votes in lock-step with the autocratic charlatan we’re calling president these days. Donald Trump is exactly the embodiment of that motivation.

The government is not our enemy unless we allow it to be. Frelinghuysen and so many others behave just in this way — the self-fulfilling dismantling of representative government. No town-halls since 2013. Their contempt for their own office is staggering.

To represent a large population, a democratic government needs to be formed by a large group of people. We the People are the government, remember?

And yes, we the people are going to continue to be an organised force of real local people taking real action, talking about real facts, and electing real representatives! As if the Frelinghuysens and Lakeland Banks of this world are not the truly nefarious organised forces. We are coming for you in 2018.


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