Send your Business Name all over with Ease

One of the common elements people in business have in common is drinking beverages on the go. Why not use that to your advantage? With promotional mugs, you provide them with a product they will use. It isn’t going to get thrown out or just sit around. They never go out of style either so you don’t have to worry about what you will do with inventory.

This means you can buy more and pay less per unit, and then store them until you are ready to use them. You can give them away for various reasons that you determine at any given point in time. Putting your business name and other details on the product means it gets seen everywhere they take it. Such marketing is easy, affordable, and it isn’t pressuring the consumer at all.


There are several types of promotional mugs you can pick from, so you have to decide what you would like best for your business. Typically, those that are made from durable plastic with a lid are the best idea. This means the user can take it with them on the go, and they will. This means your business information gets seen more often.

You can go with glass or ceramic promotional mugs but they are more likely to get chipped and broken. As a result, they will get discarded and that is the end of that product being used to further promote your business. They tend to be more expensive too and you want to keep your overhead low. Find the balance with overall value and spending to get results.

Think about the size of promotional mugs too. It is a good idea to stick with those that fit well into the average vehicle cup holder. You can decide on those with or without a handle. Those without a handle tend to fit easier into various cup holders. Yet the handle makes it easier for the user to keep a grip on it.


You have more room to supply your business details on promotional mugs than some of the smaller promotional items. This is encouraging because a person can be walking around with their mug or it is sitting on their desk. Yet others that are around that same area can see the information without having to be very close to do so.

Think about the information you would like to have on your promotional mugs. This should include details about the business including the name and the phone number. You can also include when it was established if longevity is a key selling point. You can also add variables such as your website or a picture of the company logo. You have plenty of options.

Where to get Them

Such promo items are an extension of your business and what it can deliver. Make sure you offer quality products you can stand behind. In today’s society, they should be microwave and dishwasher safe. That will ensure they last longer and the writing doesn’t wear off. A good quality product is going to hold up to plenty of use, and it may become their favorite mug!

With this in mind, find a great provider of such services. Verify the quality of what they offer and the selection. Ask questions about the information they will put on it and how they will ensure it is going to last. Never assume the quality of the printing is going to be the same offered from all companies out there. Explore their reputation and what they can deliver to get exceptional items.