A surprising failure

Well guys I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but today I failed….. I failed at avoiding my reflection in the mirror! Seriously though it was a big deal. I was totally checking myself out! Here I was thinking that I was doing so well by avoiding my reflection (when just a few months ago that was NOT an issue) and I realize after checking myself out for a few minutes…. that I failed!

I didn’t just fail today though- it dawned on me that I did this yesterday as well! So as hard as I’m trying to be surprised at the end of this 45 day challenge it’s super difficult. I don’t know why I was checkin myself out really- to see if I could see a difference or if I looked pretty today or what, but if you would have said that I would do this a few months ago I would have laughed and laughed.

On the success front! No numbers for you- sorry, I will stick to that rule. I have worked out everyday this week thus far to include two kickboxing sessions- even without my usual kickboxing partner in crime. I almost forgot to report that I can now touch my toes when we stretch after the 15 minutes of hell.

This may not seem major but I realized it during class last week and I was crazy excited. Sorry for not saying it here sooner. I felt like I did really good in class tonight. I did have to stop to breathe a few times, which is normal. It feels like less and less everytime though so that’s progress. My “favorite” kickboxing instructor made sure to push me really good tonight too so that was a win.

I also found a pleasant surprise today in my car. No not the garbage from random kid goodies, or money (though that would have been awesome as well). I found my kickboxing hand wrap things! The ones I tie-dyed! So in case you didn’t know…. I misplaced them…. last week. I had to buy a new pair. Red ones. Yes mama now I rock red and black for kickboxing- your favorite combo :)

BEHOLD!! The magic box of wonder!

I don’t know for sure but I’m thinking that there is some link between exercise and self-esteem? :) I’m gonna have to look into that some more. I also joined a secret community of kickboxers….. we meet on Wednesday night for fight club style shenanigans…..

Alright you caught me! There is a group for the 45 day challenge people though and it’s VERY encouraging and motivational. I would have thought it’d be a lot of bragging about progress but it’s a lot of support and ideas and encouragement so that’s pretty awesome. Anyway for now enjoy the random energy that I have still at 11 p.m. thanks to my 7:45 kickboxing class!

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