Feeling the loss

It’s only been 4 days since my last official workout and already I am feeling the loss of it. As much as I have to struggle some days to get up and go do it, I can honestly say I have never regretted going.

Monday my car didn’t want to start. By the time I took care of the problem (charging the battery) and got the errands finished the baby was in nap mode. I confess that because I did not make it into the gym I did not feel motivated to make up for it with a brisk walk around the neighborhood or exercise on the wii (possibly because it barely registers my step count).

I worry that my extended weekend lack of activity will reflect poorly at weigh in tomorrow. However I keep my fingers crossed that healthier, smarter food choices will still have a positive impact.

I have noticed, thanks to the last few days of inactivity, that after working out I feel energized. I can typically continue daily activity without much complaint about being tired. Sunday and Monday though were both a big struggle to just get moving and do simple things. Working with the kids to clean the house was exhausting! (Yes, I make them help clean! They help make the messes after all).

It’s strange to think that a workout, which in itself uses incredible amounts of energy, actually GIVES you more energy to keep doing stuff throughout the rest of the day. It’s very ironic. Basically I have to use energy….. to have more energy?

It’s probably simple science- the adrenaline and endorphins released while working out just don’t fade quickly and therefore you are basically running off of those. Sort of like runner's high? All I know is that this long weekend really proved that working out does make the rest of the day go well and smoothly.

It’s very encouraging to know that I now see the difference in having an active lifestyle and the amount of energy I have thanks to being active compared to my old standby of being very inactive.

I also haven’t been to kickboxing for over a week now. Although I did technically cancel the membership I teetered over deciding if I should be completely done with them for their unprofessional interactions with my friends or if I should give them the benefit of the doubt.

It’s very possible that I could buy my own punching bag and attempt workouts at home, however I feel as though I would be less likely to get the workout I want due to the possibility of interruptions. It’s harder to be interrupted by kids, pets, husband, or mother in law when I’m not physically in the same location as they are.

This weekend I have obligations with my new boy scout (I’m still so excited that he’s finally in a pack!) that will take me away from a kickboxing workout on Saturday, so this week I will shoot for Thursday night and not allow myself to make excuses. So unless this third official workout shows more of the extremely unprofessional behavior I’m going to take the steps to uncancel my membership.

Next week I will figure out how to get 3 kickboxing workouts in….. alright minimum of 2! They really are fun, but they also make me want to barf. The more I do it though the better it will get I know.

I neglected to mention that I wore a pair of jeans to paint night! This may not seem like a big deal to most people but I haven’t worn jeans, actual jeans, in over 3 years now.

Jeans! Focus people- I know the baby is adorable! Ignore the mess too!

I’ve been feeling some more love from friends and neighbors so I wanted to let you all know I appreciate the encouragement and recognition of the effort this journey is taking. It may sound corny but honestly nothing makes me happier than to hear that someone read something in this blog and said to themselves or their family “you know what I can make healthier choices too” and then they do! So to all of you on the same journey of being healthier. Keep up the good work! You may not even know who is motivated by your example!