Finding the rainbows

To say that this weekend did not really go as planned would be a bit of an understatement. After the weather man practically insisted that there would be no issues related to Hurricane Matthew coming through our area, there were issues.

The first issue for the weekend was actually not weather related, just scatter brained mom-mess. My oldest daughter has soccer on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Unfortunately not enough kids signed up for soccer to have more than 3 teams for her age group. This means that on game days, one team will be left out.

Yeah you know where this is going. Getting these kids up and going for anything is a struggle on a good day. Throw in some light rain and a time limit and the struggle just becomes even more amazing. We managed to make it to soccer, only 5 minutes late….. just in time to realize- her team is NOT playing.

Yeah I literally had to pull up the e-mail and re-read it. Her team was basically not doing anything Saturday morning, although I’m still not sure why they wouldn’t at least practice. Anyway epic awesome Mom moment. My oldest daughter is actually pretty laid back and easy going, most of the time.

I imagine most girls hit the point where they just can’t take anymore and usually she takes quite a while to get there. I was worried about how she would react when I told her about my Mom fail. She actually took it very well. She was literally like “oh it’s ok Mom”….. I was surprised. My six year old just very calmly took the news that Mom screwed up and got her ready and pumped up for soccer and now there is no soccer extremely well.

Who’s kid did I get by mistake? In all honesty like I said she’s usually pretty easy going and very go with the flow. I like to think that she’s my mini me- which is why we sometimes bump heads.

Crisis averted and now on to the grocery store for a few things we forgot. For some reason that always turns into a bigger shopping trip then planned. Things find their way into the cart that you didn’t intend to buy.

On to the next fun story. So due to my screw up for soccer and the grocery trip I didn’t even realize that I missed kickboxing class until it was already more than half way over. You will notice a trend between Saturday and Sunday on the fitness odometer. For some reason my get up and go just got up and left without me.

Saturday night was paint night- which was fun, in spite of the rain. At that point it was coming down pretty good. I did NOT kill this painting. I should have stopped playing with it when I thought it looked bad because now it’s actually worse than it was before. I don’t know if it’s fixable but I am tempted to try again I admit.

The location for paint night started having water problems. Think water dripping from the roof style. Then when you go to the restroom you have to swim through some water to get to it. Ok swim is a bit dramatic but really it was pooled back there on the way to the bathroom.

I want to give this place the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t know about these issues, so we’ll see. I doubt I will go to this place again anyway. So as I’m wrapping up paint night I get a text that the baby possibly popped her elbow out (nurse maids elbow) and she’s not crying but she won’t let anyone touch it and she’s holding it.

So off with a bang out the door- semi wet painting in hand, to meet the crazy rain and have it turn my umbrella inside out (which I did not know could actually happen in real life). That was a fun struggle to watch I’m sure. Made it home- we helped the baby. She’s all good to go. On track again.

We lost power at 11 p.m. Saturday night- which normally wouldn’t even be a big deal because we have a backup generator…. however the generator never kicked on either. Do you see how this trend of the weekend is going?

Now I could probably go on and on about things that went wrong because sometimes I too dwell on the negative things, but now we are getting to the point. The point is that even though all of these crazy random things happened, and some of them were completely out of my control, there was always something good that happened.

My two freebie buns in the 8 pack I bought today! Rainbows!

I tell my husband and my kids that they have to find the rainbows in their day. It could feel like the worst day ever, but there is always something. Even if it’s just one thing, no matter how small- that makes the day bearable. The rainbow. Sometimes it’s something as simple as an unexpected snack (I always say a cookie). Something you were looking forward to that finally happened.

For me Saturday it was my oldest daughter not having a nuclear meltdown over my mom fail. It was getting to go to paint night and having fun even if I’m not a great artist. Getting the baby’s arm taken care of and seeing her run off a few minutes afterwards as happy as can be. It was waking up Sunday morning and tinkering around with the generator and getting it started- Power time!

Did I miss the kickboxing workout? Yup. Did I also miss my Sunday walk? Yup, but I didn’t eat anything off plan. In fact the longer I do this the more I find myself NOT being as hungry as I used to think I always was. I didn’t even eat dinner Saturday night until the kids went to bed- sometime around 10 p.m. and it was completely on plan. What’s even more exciting is that I was full!

I generally don’t refer to myself as an optimist but I see now that I really must be. It’s easy to be one of those people that take personal offense to everything that goes wrong. The world has enough of those people- I prefer to be one of those people that find the rainbow in the bad situation instead.

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