If at first you don’t succeed….

Although it has been a while since I got on here and managed to put some sort of thoughts or plan down in writing I have thought about it. Suffice it to say that sometimes life hands you lemons, and in my case apparently I like to wallow in them for a while before I make the lemonade.

A good friend of mine pointed out that when I spiral into unhealthy habits I tend to walk away from my accountability tracker- this blog. She is spot on. I am already disappointed in myself so I figure that its much easier to hide from everyone else by not reporting anything at all then it is to admit a set back.

Well I have been talking, talking, talking about getting back on track, slowly watching the number on the scale move back up. Yes I said up. How could I expect anything less with the less than stellar choices I was making? I was still exercising for the most part, but my eating was way out in left field.

All of the talking led to no action, well small action really. I did make some small changes. Sometimes I need someone to light a fire under my butt (if you can recall that is what my old personal trainer mama did last summer when I went home). Sometimes I need outside assistance to push me and say quit slacking off!

This time I got an e-mail. Completely automated. No way in the world other than by chance that it should arrive during my need for motivation. It was an invitation to the next 45 day challenge through the I love kickboxing gym where I payed for membership at the beginning of the year. I haven’t been to a class since March when my life took an unexpected turn.

It couldn’t have been coincidence. I needed motivation and there it was- so I took that as my sign. No more lemon wallowing! Time to pick up, dust off and kick butt (or bag in this case). So along with my previous partner in crime from last time, she and I both took our pictures and enrolled in the contest today!

Last time I finished the competition barely with less than stellar results, but results are results. I think I lost 19 pounds when it was all said and done? I didn’t take measurements though and this time that is a must. This time I’m in it for the major overhaul. Lets see what can be accomplished in 45 days!

Tomorrow I will get some measurements, but today I have a starting weight for you guys. The starting weight is 325. It is cringe worthy. It is not the direction at all that I was heading in just a few short months ago. I just got out of the 300 club! Why did I let myself roll back into it?! I try to remember I am only human, I have slipped but I am back at it. It’s like they say, if at first you don’t succeed…. try try again!

So for anyone that has hit a roadblock or lost motivation or simply took a small break while they tried to muddle through stuff in their lives. Jump back in- it’s never to late to try again! Stay tuned for weigh in Wednesday updates as well as new before pics and measurements!

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