I’m baaaack!

Alright maybe that’s a bit silly, or creepy- honestly though this past 8 and a half weeks since my dog had puppies…. Yeah I haven’t been doing much else other than helping take care of them. So the already crazy, exciting, fun house- has been that much more awesome. For the record having puppies was not my idea.

Now in the spirit of honesty and continued progress I give you…. New stats! Okay well to be honest they aren’t impressive right now.. Yes the last 8 weeks of crazy didn’t have to derail me on my healthier lifestyle but it bumped it a little. What I’d like to focus on is what today showed me.

This morning I went to the gym with my trusty buddy. We are accountability partners and we have to kick each other’s butts some days. Today I had to kick my kids’ butts to get into the gym! They think if we don’t go anywhere we will play video games instead….. I have a feeling that may be another blog for that discussion.

When I got to the gym I weighed in and I was immediately disappointed. According to the scale (which is the one I decided to always go by) I had gained weight. I weighed in at 304. I was upset. In fact I was angry (With myself of course). Why couldn’t I juggle the last 8 weeks of puppy crazy better and continue my progress? Going backwards was NOT okay.

Well I took that number and got on the elliptical and ran like a beast! I was mad, but I was excited to get back in and get to work. I did what I call a Sherry workout (Yeah mama- I’ve named them) and did 3 sets on each piece of weight equipment. Well I will be honest. I attempted 3. I finished 2 and I was at failure (if you can remember that far back). I call that a victory today.

So I got done with my workout and was talking to my buddy and she tells me- “you know that scale is off right?” I was thinking oh great- off good or bad cause I already gained some! she said “yeah it’s off by 10 pounds, as in 10 pounds to high”.

I’m pretty sure I scared a few people and maybe shattered her ear drum in my excitement! So now the new much better (although still not as amazing as it could be) news is that I’m down 10 pounds from that weight of 304… I now officially weigh 294! 294 people! I started out at 371 in case you are just joining or need reminding.

The last time I remember blogging I think we recorded 296, so if that’s the case…. I’m still going down! Now the major thing I want to take away from this and I know that it’s a great thing is…. when I saw that number 304… I didn’t have a meltdown of despair. I had the right reaction. It was “NO! I refuse to go back up!” I was faster on the elliptical and I pushed myself harder because I thought I had gained weight.

THAT my friends is a mindset change! I can remember for so long over the years that lead me to become 371 seeing the scale wiggle back and forth and simply giving up when it went high and crying over a plate of nachos as I added to the problem. It has been a long time since I had the reaction I did today. This reaction- is the right one! That my friends was a nice way to jump start this back in to no slacker mode!

So I hope your ready for more rambling and updates. I will get a new picture soon and post it with my starting point one. I also have to get new shoes because mine…. lets just say they are working, but they hurt. So to everyone on the fitness lifestyle change. You can do this! If I can do it- you can too!

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