Mom set backs

Every now and then, more often than I would like to admit, I have what I refer to as a mom fail moment. Some days it has actually been a full day's worth of mom fails.

Don’t get distressed for me though- usually the mom fails are something simple, and laughable. For instance when my oldest was a baby I bought him all kinds of fun toys for Christmas for his first real Christmas. Nice shiny toys that I just new a baby would love. I mean I’ve been an aunt since I was 14 and my sister had boys so I knew what I was doing when he showed up.

I did not however realize how annoying those cute fun little toys would become…. or how quickly. I call that a mom fail. Maybe mom fail is to strong? Rookie move sounds better. So rookie move right? Fast forward a few years later and we have the same kid trying on a halloween costume….. yeah he got to wear that around for the rest of the day because I could not get him to take it off.

Today I had a mom fail with my oldest daughter. She is in first grade this year and part of her unofficial homework (the school claims there is no homework but they need to read every night and have a spelling test every Friday…) was reading for 20 minutes.

Some Days she is amazing and she flies through the words like she’s been reading for years! Other days are like today…. where she struggles on every other word. Partly because she isn’t paying attention, and partly because she wants to do other things at that time.

I had to throw in the towel on the reading today because I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Some days are like that. Lets be honest any Mom can relate to this. Mom’s with multiples get to relate that much more because they are being pulled in multiple directions by multiple sources. Some days the patience is in slightly shorter supply.

The real cherry on top though was dinner. I was so excited about that beef stroganoff recipe in the Trim Healthy mama cookbook. When I went to cook it I realized- this is a crock pot recipe and needed 5–6 hours…. So obviously that plan got pushed back to a different day. Mom fail.. Rookie move?

Sadly we did not have any other meat thawed and ready and I had to resort to dinner out. We had pizza. Old me would have jumped at the opportunity to get pizza, but with all these workouts and eating right I was extremely bummed. I will say I opted for thin crust pizza and ate less slices than I normally would.

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know that even though this was NOT on plan and it was not how I wanted tonight's dinner to go down. I refuse to let this be an excuse to fall back into old patterns of behavior. The old way of lying to myself about one more piece, or just a little bit more is gone!

The Janene that I remembered while I was back home knows that one bad meal does not ruin the whole week. Or even the whole night. I didn’t have a soda. I did not have dessert. I did NOT let this be my excuse to indulge in all things of my old way of life. I reluctantly ate my pizza and now will be better prepared for future mom fails of this variety with back up dinner options.

Earlier in the day I was doing excellent. Protein shake for breakfast before the gym (eating before the gym makes me sick… literally). Leftover creamy herb chicken for lunch. I was crazy on track! I even drove past some of my old favorite places on my way out and about today and didn’t even flinch as I passed by them! They were like a blip on my radar and that was all.

I hope that between my great eating habits the rest of this week and the 2 more days I have before weigh in I am able to still show wonderful progress. I’m optimistic that this will be the case. So I’ve decided that this mom fail moment is really just a mom setback moment. A mole hill if you will. No mountains here.

So real quick I also want to shout out to all my people that are keeping me updated on your health journey and its progress. It’s empowering to feel that so many people are also on the same path! I love hearing about your progress and how you are encouraged to get up and move because you know that other people are doing it too! It’s awesome to have so many people to relate to. I’m always around to encourage your drive!

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