Power Hour

Today for the first time since I’ve started this blog I was met with a challenge that I did not even hesitate to pass up. Again, it may seem small to others- but to someone who is used to doing these things without even flinching it is amazing that I was able to do this.

Today my car was dead, so we had to jump start it. In an effort to charge the battery I decided to take it out for a drive up the road. The husband suggested we hop over to happy hour, because it was that time of the day and he hadn’t had Sonic for a long time.

So I loaded up the girls, even small adventures count when you are little, and we headed off to Sonic. I ordered his drink and snack as well as the kids drinks……. and that was it! Was I tempted by the deliciously cheesy cheddar poppers and a giant cherry limeade? Actually no! Today I wasn’t!

I credit my friends and followers for that. It’s crazy and humbling actually how many people have already told me that I have inspired them to become more active or how proud they are of me for getting on track. I’m not big on letting people down so today- this one is for all of you! I skipped happy hour, thanks to the self-esteem boost you all have given me.

Today’s happy hour was my power hour! I was also able to wrangle the kids into a pre-dinner walk around the neighborhood. I’ve gone a little farther each time we walk and I know that means I’m making progress, which is extremely encouraging. Still rocking my blister feet, and sadly trudging in sandals to minimize rubbing on them.

I was NOT able to make it into the gym today due to car problems and unforeseen problems with the kids (don’t worry everyone is doing fine). I do feel however that my walk around the neighborhood kept me on track. I did not get that mentality that I used to get where I would say something along the lines of “oh well, today is a wasted day anyway- I may as well have a piece of cake.”

Which reminds me! The husband made brownies 2 days ago and I have yet to have one of those as well!! That temptation is strong, but as I said I have so much encouragement that it’s getting easier to resist. I have been reading my new Trim Healthy Mama books and plotting out some recipes. For those of you interested the whole back end of the recipe book, about 1/4 of it, is full to the max with recipes for ice cream, pie, cookies and cakes that are all on plan!

I can’t even begin to express to you how awesome that is to me because who wants to go their whole life without a little “junk” here and there? Not me! If it’s done in the right way though there is no reason you can’t have some yummy dessert. Three cheers for my buddies girlfriend who told me about Trim Healthy Mama! Also to my trainer/mom for kicking my butt and getting me motivated!

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