The taunting

About 4 weeks ago, barely into this lifestyle change, I ended up with blisters on the back of my heels from breaking in new shoes. This did not stop my drive to work out, it simply changed the equipment I was working out on. I found through personal experience that the treadmill is NOT your friend with heel blisters.

Here we are weeks after the blisters have healed and I have continued to workout on the elliptical. For some reason it just feels like a better workout. It doesn’t hurt my arthritic knee. Actually I have been noticing that the pain flares up less often now days in that knee at all and I have to consider the fact that as I lose more and more weight it may cease to be a problem entirely.

That makes complete sense since it’s clear to me that my body is crying from carrying to much extra weight for to long. You gotta give it props though for holding out for so long before yelling at me right?

Anyway the only complaint that I have at the end (of what I feel to be a rigorous adventure) of the elliptical workout is that it taunts me. Seriously it does. It basically makes a mockery of my hard work and makes me feel as though it was not hard at all. Allow me to elaborate.

When my self imposed time limit is over, the elliptical gives me a summary, that I largely ignore. I’m drenched in sweat, I lasted the entire 30 minutes, I feel that no matter what the elliptical summarizes for distance and speed I accomplished my goal and got a good workout in.

There is something however that compares the amount of exercise you did, to how much power it would produce. It makes this summary in minutes- for example your workout would have powered 10 minutes of electricity…..

Obviously mine is never that generous. Hence the taunting. I feel as though some days I’m literally flying on that machine! One minute I look down and I’m barely into the workout- then the next thing I know it’s been 20 minutes. Those are the days I have the best music or the most energy from the no-xplode probably.

I’ve noticed that the more I workout, the faster I get. Most days I’m around 5.0 on speed, but recently it has gotten faster. However, no matter how fast I feel I go….. the elliptical summary report always tells me that I can only power- 2 minutes! Just 2 minutes?! Are you sensing the taunting here?! I feel like my super intense workout should at least power 5 minutes!

I don’t know if this thing doesn’t count seconds or what. Maybe it rounds up? Maybe I’m really at a minute 40 seconds and it’s like ok we will give you a free 20 seconds, or maybe it’s the opposite and I’m at 2 minutes 40 seconds and the computer says “sorry Charlie- didn’t make the cut, only 2 minutes”.

I’m not sure what the system is, but I am tired of the taunting! Last night I finally changed out the music on my ipod. The new list is still not perfect by any means, and now the robot lady doesn’t tell me what song/artist is playing, which is sad, but the point is that I have new tunes to “run” to.

Today the elliptical summary told me that I powered 3 minutes of energy! Ha!! I maintained 5.3 on speed for most of the workout and even ventured into some low 6.0’s today as well. For some reason Rammstein, and My Chemical Romance were my movers today.

I don’t know why the elliptical had to taunt me, and basically continues to do so. I am determined though to find the speed and time that makes my power contribution worthwhile! That is my elliptical goal. To slowly creep up that power contribution to something worthwhile.

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