Wilderness recovery

Although my weekend camping trip was from Friday evening until Sunday morning, I am sitting here on Tuesday night- still recovering from that adventure.

This past weekend when I went camping with my son and his cub scouts I had no idea how fun, and exhausting it would be. This was his first camping trip with them. Technically his first real camping trip. I may have helped him wet his feet a little while we were visiting family this summer and we spent two days at a KOA campground. Compared to camping with the scouts this weekend though, I feel that our KOA trip was almost like a spa retreat.

Believe it or not I actually had a good time camping! The only thing I can whine about (well three things really) are the lack of actual flushing toilets…. (I try to remind myself that at least there were toilets.)the lack of sleep, and the quick and surprisingly delicious food- that was definitely NOT on plan. I moronically did not know how to prepare food for myself for this trip, but rest assured I have filed this in lessons learned.

Lack of sleep was partially my sons fault, and partially mine. He’s had trouble sleeping for years, and when I expressed that concern to his pediatrician they recommended simple over the counter melatonin. For the most part he doesn’t take it every night, but he does use it most of the school nights. I failed to pack the melatonin for the camping trip because I naively thought that he wouldn’t need it.

The first night we simply set up the tent and got a feel for what the layout of the place was as well as a run down of routine. More or less a meet and greet type of evening. That was the night he didn’t sleep. It wasn’t from excitement either. I tried to remind myself that he’s only 8 years old, and he’s only been camping literally twice counting that night.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember those things though when every 20–30 minutes he cries “I can’t sleep”…… all the way up until at least 1 a.m. So yeah…that first night was rough. We managed to make it through though and the next day there was so much to do (like carving soap with a plastic knife before being given his first pocket knife) that I doubt he had time to realize how little sleep he was running on. At least until night fell.

He loved carving this soap! He did like 3 bars.

Without getting into to much detail I will say that he whined and cried a lot in the hour and a half leading up to bedtime. He was obviously tired but claimed he didn’t know what was wrong and would cry for no reason. All very obvious signs that it was bedtime. He kept denying that he was tired and insisting that he wasn’t ready for bed so I let him stay up until around 9 p.m. When it was finally time to turn in-he was out in about 15 minutes tops. Extremely impressive for him.

So the second night offered better sleep for that reason, however due to the hiking and other activities of the day I had managed to drink a coolers worth of water. At least that’s how it felt when at 12:30 nature called. Walking to an outhouse type building that’s at least 700 meters away in the middle of the night is less than ideal….. Plus it was a bit nippy. Obviously I managed to make it there and back- extremely quickly I think for someone who is encumbered with this much extra weight- without mishap.

I have never wished to be a boy so much in my life than I did this weekend! I’m very serious. Boys have the world as their bathroom- literally! I’m pretty sure my son only used that outhouse when he was near it, because the rest of the time he could just walk out to any random tree and let lose! Yes- he did that! So did every other little boy there. Yes, I was very jealous! They weren’t trapped in a tiny “stall” with who knows how many days or weeks of waste in the cylinder below!

Yeah sorry for the icky imagery. I just wanted to make sure you understand how being a boy for the weekend would have been a bonus. I did learn a lot from the scouts this weekend- and I’d like to believe that my son did too. The main take away though was that we got the chance to bond with people that have similar interests as us (well mostly him) and the opportunity to make new memories.

You’ll be happy to know that although I still consider myself in the wilderness recovery process I did not use that as an excuse to skip the gym on Monday. In fact thanks to my camping trip I managed to hit 15k steps on both Friday and Saturday so I didn’t feel as though I was cheating on exercising.

My hope for tomorrow morning’s weigh in is that I didn’t GAIN any weight back. I literally went from doing amazing- to Friday night Hardee's en route to the campsite and then a full weekend of carbs. Let me tell you I was feeling it by Sunday afternoon. Obviously if I lost weight then I will celebrate- however this week if I can say I maintained, then I will be happy with that.

Regardless- I’m home with no camping trips in sight anytime soon and I just went grocery shopping for all of my little loophole foods that make me feel as though I’m eating carbs (you know- zucchini noodles and such). There are some new recipes in store for later this week, one of which uses radishes- as though they were potatoes…. Yes I’m very intrigued also.

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