Hotmine will launch a convector that brings profit

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With the beginning of production of the new invention a silent device namely Convector, the company Hotmine has announced about a new era in bitcoin mining which is basically a heater that produces cryptocurrency.

The decision to begin the production was made during a meeting of the Hotmine team in December, 2018. This is when the components and properties of the future heater were agreed and approved. The project was given its code name “SILENT”. Besides an ambitious task was also set up to create a prototype within a five months period (the press release does not indicate dates and terms are approximate).

One of the convector advantages is absence of noisy fans it including the power supply. Only natural convection of air is used, which will make the convector miner easy to use as a household appliance for heating a home or office.

“The convector miner device “SILENT” is an important component of the new Mining 2.0 strategy. It is the miners with the beneficial use of heat that will make it possible to keep mining profitable at home,” said Oles Slobodenyuk, Hotmine CEO.

To operate the mining and control income there are no any specific skills required. The connection to the WI-FI network will be established automatically.

Convector planned characteristics:

- Power consumption of the device: 550–900 Watts / hour

- Productivity: 8–11 Th / s

- Internet connection via Wi-Fi, 2.4GHz & 5GHz IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac

- Simple control panel and indicators

- Easy setup and device connection

- Simple and minimal design.

At the moment, the design and components have been finalized, and the final stage of development of the first working prototype is underway.

At a cost of electricity of $0.05, the convector allows to cover these costs of electricity, and also earns $1.14 (0.000205 btc) per day (given the date the press release was written).

About Hotmine

Hotmine is a company that develops technologies for Bitcoin mining equipment, produces miners at the commercial scale and develops a blockchain infrastructure in Ukraine since 2013. We are a company that applies the principles of transparency, and are the major participant in the crypto community who actively drives the crypto-world evolution.

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Our company “Hotmine” is engaged in supply and development of modern mining equipment for Bitcoins throughout Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, USA, Canada, India, Kore

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