Hotpot Finance Airdrop Event 🪂

We’ll airdrop 100,000 BCNT to 2,000 winners who follow all the steps and are qualified to participate.

2022/01/15–2022/01/29. Airdrop to qualified participants.

Hotpot Finance website 🌶

❗️All steps must be followed to qualify.❗️

🔹 Follow Hotpot Finance Twitter account:

🔹 Retweet the pinned Hotpot Airdrop event tweet and tag 3 friends under the pinned post:

🔹 Subscribe to Hotpot Finance telegram announcement:

🔹 Join Hotpot Finance telegram group:

🔹 Join Hotpot Finance Discord group:

🔹 Advance to level 5 in Hotpot Finance Discord group:

After advancing to level 5, you’ll be able to see the Whitelist Channel in Discord.

🔹 Fill up the form in Discord Whitelist channel:

🔸 Time of the Event:
2022/01/15 08:00 (UTC) — 2022/01/30 08:00 (UTC)

🔸 Rewards Distribution:

🔸 ALL steps must be followed to qualify.

Hotpot Finance is solely accountable for the selection of winners and the rewards distribution.



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Hotpot Finance

Hotpot Finance

Yield farming booster and aggregator on Binance Smart Chain.