Never Give Up aka ‘Catching A Taste For Some Lemonade!’

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…video below…

Feeling a little thirsty right now.

Like I need a little wildness and little boldness right now. I think I’m catching a taste for some…lemonade — like I need a little change somehow (but more on that in a minute). For now, check out the latest confess-ion from HotPrayersTv.

I’m not gone get back any further than you knock me,”

she said. Born in 1906 that Diva had a ‘never give up’ type of spirit. She faced things I could never fully imagine including:

  1. RACISM — extreme racism, prejudice and segregation,
  2. FAMILY ISSUES — raising 3 generations includng some of her siblings and grandchildren (she raised my dad)
  3. DIVORCE — divorcing her husband at a time when it just wasn’t done,
  4. HEALTH — surviving a heart attack and execising to rebuild her health

And still she said,

I’m not gone get back any further than you knock me.”

She said things like that so much…

…it became a part of who we are. If you passed through her world, you had a chance to catch her fire and to catch her passion for winning cause as she put it

I’m gone stand at the head of the class, if I can’t spell a lick,”

With an 8th grade education that’s exactly what she did — she found a way to shine. So are you thristy yet?

I'm catching a taste for some lemonade right now. Catching that 'never give up' spirit somehow. Getting ready to win no matter what. To keep moving forward regardless of the cost. You?

Every Body Has LEMONS In Their Life

Lord knows I have my share. But I think I’ll make like Othella Mae Zachery cause

I’m not gone get back any further than you knock me.”

I’m not going to make it easy for you to take me out or keep me down. I’m always — always — working on a rebound.

Scriptures are a big motivator in my life. I use those words to over-ride the negative things I’ve heard or felt. Cause that ‘never give up’ spirit is a choice — but you have to fight for it.

Now what about you, thirsty yet?

Talk soon,
 Lady J

P.S. Life is full of setbacks. But it’s also full of survivors.