How Netflix Broke The Unbreakable Spoiler Alert
Rex Sorgatz

One of the biggest problems that arises out of this war between the production giants and the content delivery schedules is exactly what you describe Rex. With shows like House of Cards, OITNB, Unbreakable, and soon the highly anticipated Fuller House, audiences are granted the luxury of deciding when they watch.

We no longer get the satisfaction of knowing that we are watching along with rest of America. Tools like Twitter not only lose value as a result, but they can become dangerous. It seems spoilers are waiting for us at every turn.

To top that off, TV becomes a more individualized experience. How can Netflix replicate the social media success of an event like the Pretty Little Liars season finale, or The Walking Dead’s many tugs at our heartstrings week by week last month? Questions that hopefully 2016 will give us answers to!

We’re looking forward to it! Great Medium post. Thanks for sharing!

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