Incubator hopping: Should you go to more than one incubator?

Some of the most coherent, unbiased advice we’ve seen coming out of this recent mudslinging. Thanks for putting in your two cents Jason.

An accelerator in the end is what you make of it. A second or third-tier accelerator might lack the access to high-quality connections, but it certainly doesn’t prevent a founder from getting to them. In fact, given the right founding team and idea, the required hustle at a lower-level accelerator might be beneficial.

The Valley’s most promising networks and accelerators are those focused solely on the startup’s growth and product-market fit — not those distracted by the economics of “setting the frame” and tough negotiation. To us, that’s a distraction.

Bottom line: An accelerator should not scare founders out of making their own decisions in the interest of the business.

We’ll see you at the LAUNCH festival.