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Let ‘s Shake them !

Why some people are smart tacticians in making decisions, while others are inconsistently inept? Why some people follow their instincts & win, while others end up stumbling into errors? Why some nations are lucky to be ruled by good leaders, who have inherited a certain rugged integrity, faith and vision witch combined with the habit of work means individual power and by the way nation’s power … while other countries are doomed to be run by stupid camel-men whose their only & only meritocracy to the throne was the ascendancy combined to International game?

Why Iranians , innately strategists and good weavers ; managed well the tough time for decades , stood their ground , finally won their contest , accumulated everybody respect and wealth for their country , while the camel-men leaders wasted their nations ‘wealth?

Why great leaders shape, build the required educated and cultivated citizenship character while the camel-men build the highest building instead of settling for the quality citizenship? What differentiate one civilization from another and one leader from another is vision & faith combined to work

The fault is in ourselves

Why everywhere in the world, any nation’s leader is accountable with obligation for the output of his deeds & achievements, while some Arab countries are doomed with the heavy curse to pay the highest price for the rulers ‘mediocrity? Why some Arab nations have to assume the universal sin to be guided by a blind old camel-man with appetite of tyranny? He lacked the vision, the faith, the required integrity & expertise in facing worst situations & drive away safely…

The mental limitation

The old blind man , claimed Muslim’s leadership , though in his innermost he was unable to assume such assignment because he had no perception of History, he tempted to destroy the best in Arab world and bring them to dust in purpose to write down a name for himself on the epitaph of greatness; he tried to create a virtual foe named Iran and failed to convince anyone, stupid as he was instead of reviewing and admitting his errors to adjust cor relatively , he insanely continue his belligerence by reassembling all the world wranglers and vagabonds in purpose to win even the slightest battle …no wonder he lacked the courage to assess his weaknesses and to adapt himself to the environment , and fix the problem adequately …

Shining vs forgotten

History replicated itself , David won Goliath by substituting the force for ability , the Yemenite –misfits- substituted forces for abilities and pushed away the aggressors even more equipped in warfare…The old blind man might have thousands of barbarian sons; losers’ alliance and meager mercenaries to carry out his rule, inherit his cunning, pillage Yemen, Syria, Iraq, destroy civilizations, corrupt the world, wage the nations’ enemy conventional wars, charged Hezbollah & banned Nasrallah -the absolute cherished Arab hero and the most respected foe in Israel -, no wonder the blind old camel-man would be forgotten despite his evil deeds and all the money he wasted…However the nations above & Hezbollah would live on , Nasrallah would live on and his legend would grow , some people would believe and trust him, they would follow and listen attentively to his addresses while roaring & inspiring his public to jump off the cliff , may be some day he would succeed to lift out Arabs from their misery … Children yet unborn would learn and study his leadership , honesty , strategy in standing his ground and how bravely he fought his visceral enemies …

We disapprove the belligerent action

It’s no wonder; every trustful man in my country-Tunisia & Algeria- standing for principles and legacy passed to him through ages , hates the old blind camel-man and everybody involved with him to dominate or regulate others’ lives … some Arab nations provided their leaders with their precious confidence & trustfulness with unquestioning but their leaders betrayed them & swindled them with the help of their sworn representatives for petro-dollars to aggress someone’s else country … those weak nations are partners in this belligerent action and must rethink again because being silent they approved the belligerent act, and so they will tolerate in the near future their own slavery , at this moment no one will help you to regain your own freedom …

Gone with the wind

Aggressed Arab world would flourish in this soil, the phoenix would soar for new horizons and reach the highest ridges while the old blind man would be cursed , disqualified and definitely forgotten from the Arab memory… see you

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