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User Research

We wanted to target single parents with little to no time to shop, in order to help them shop faster AND healthier, while giving them options to cook the recipe or not.

Affinity Diagram

We targeted users in need of fresh products however who couldn’t really take the time to go to the farmers market or spending time in supermarkets making sense of which bio product to buy.

Unsorted Affinity Diagram
Sorted designer (me) in front of unsorted diagram
Sorted Affinity Diagram

User Persona

User Journey & feature prioritization MOSCOW

We chose to interact and help the user at the point when they think about the dinner’s menu, browse through the supermarket website and place the order to get delivered fast.

Problem statement

ABC company was designed to allow fresh delivery of products to single parents who have limited amount of time throughout a day. We are trying to solve the following user pain points; finding product, saving time, having a user friendly environment, and having trouble carrying products back home.

Ping-Pong break because we deserve it

Jumping to user flows and sitemap to organize information and features

Full user flow of the ABC Company website

Our goal is to make a time-saving and effective order placement process, so that in a few clicks Mary-Jane our persona can buy healthy recipes with fresh products included

Specific user flow
Sitemap to help organize categories
Card sorting is a first user testing step.

Low-fidelity prototyping & testing

Different options of low-fi wireframes. Silent dot voting to pick the best ideas
sharpie ❤ paper

Mid Fidelity Wireframes

First draft of the mid-fi wireframes
Final version of the mid-fidelity wireframes

Brand attributes and Moodboard

Through our brand attributes we want to showcase ABC Company as a bold and reliable company that delivers fresh produce.

High Fidelity visuals

Main User flow for the high-fidelity wireframes

Final Deliverable with micro-interactions (powered by Flinto …a good dose of patience, nerves & coffee)

Product Designer @ Oculid

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