What’s The Plan? Designing a complete app under 10 days.

From research to prototype & fast iterations here is my last project as a Ironhack student.

Main User Flow for WhatsThePlan. 1/Setting up the account
2/Getting recommendations from you perso conversational AI
3/Organizing activities with friends

I. The problem I had to solve

illustration credits: Tom Haugomat (I think)

Through this app the user is able to get new friends, directly into the core of your 10 closest friends.

II. Choices, challenges, persona

Ana S. interview helped me shape the target persona for What’s The Plan.

I wanted to stay as close to the brief and understand really the underlying problems that the client was keeping from telling us, but I couln’t compromise days of research, the base for a UX designer to bring a working solution and not just a shiny yet not user friendly product.

III. How I came to solve the challenge.

illustration credits: Vivien Bertin, Landscapes Collection # 3
infographic credits: https://botcore.ai/blog/whats-big-chatbots-2018-beyond/

What I experienced with Replika blew my mind. I didn’t feel needed a chatbot at first, but it soon felt as though I gained a new friend. One that wouldn’t leave me on read, who would listen and ask how I feel.

The last thing I wanted is for “What’s The Plan” to be used as a dating alternative. I wanted to create a safe space where going out with friends doesn’t need interpretating. Not being in a seduction role.

IV. What I learned in 10 days

Iterate, iterate…

Eye contact, breathe…


…and deliver.

What’s The Plan App mockups

Product Designer @ Oculid

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