An Aeronautical Lesson for DJI’s lawyer, Brendan Schulman
Kasey Dixon

I can’t agree with this assessment.

Is it possible that the collision described could occur? Based on how this was described here it would have to be an extremely unlikely scenario of someone flying on the ragged edge of performance, either at very low altitude or into a hacked drone. Hacked drones exist, but they are far from common. I would imagine the same can be said for pilots flying at 174 knots at 400ft.

Feasible? Yes. Chances of it happening? You are probably more likely to be struck by lightning…several times.

One thing that I also read was that the UDRI also did this test using a bird and that actually produced MORE damage than the drone. But…they decided to leave that out because…well, I don’t know but I assume it’s because it isn’t as sensational.

If anything, DJI is overly zealous with their application of geofencing around airports, so I can’t really say that they are not paying attention to aircraft safety.

As a Part 107 pilot (does that term bother you BTW?) you are probably aware of the problems this sometimes causes.

Clearly, you have an ax to grind with your suggested boycott. I’m just not sure what it is exactly.