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For my Digital Story, I am doing option one part two because I’m not good at talking about myself, so it will be challenging but helpful in several ways. I also feel this option will help me find better ways for managing school related stress, which will allow for my college experience to be much more fulfilling. I am not very good at dealing with a lot of stress, so I feel like this will be a good way to explore how others like me manage the stress in their life. I already have a few good habits for dealing with it — mainly exercising a minimum of 3 hours a day — but exercising is not the most practical if I am going to have to do 5 to 8 hours of homework per night and essentially teach myself.

Aside from finding alternative ways for managing stress, this option will also allow me to find out better how I fit into the world and allow me to find others in similar places as me. Being the first, and eldest, of three kids to attend college out of my family is particularly nerve-wracking — especially since my siblings seem to follow in my footsteps. Additionally, I will (hopefully) be the first out of my family to graduate from college which puts more stress on me to succeed, especially academically. I set high standards in high school, and I feel I must do so again in college.

Lastly, I chose this option to help me better define my identity. College is a new chapter in my life with — literally — thousands of new people, new responsibilities, different learning styles; it is a lot to take in. I am sill trying to find a niche as I expect most freshman are who went into college without knowing anyone in their classes. If high school was the architect, college is the construction crew. That is, high school laid the framework for my identity and college must build off it. I hope by doing this option I am better able to establish a firm hold on my identity so I can carve a path towards success.

I would like to gather information by observing the communities I interact with more in depth and interviewing the people I am connected with. All of my research would be viewed as though I am the “test subject”, and I would record others’ engagement, responses, and so forth when interacting with me to gain insight on how people like me connect with the world as a whole. This will also assist in showing how people like me connect to the wider culture, and how interdependence impacts the communities people like me are a part of.

Some research questions for people similar to me could be:

  • What tools do you utilize to cope with stress?
  • What advice do you have for dealing with school-related stress?
  • What resources have you found on campus to be particularly helpful in managing your responsibilities?
  • What has helped you succeed in your college career the most?
  • How has your experience being a first generation student impacted you?
  • How do you feel you connect with other groups? How do those groups impact you?
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