Yeah I would remove it.
tyler clark

Maybe something like this could work ( Just a concept )

` var environment = typeof window !== ‘undefined’ ? window : {}; `

` this.isEnabled = function () { return environment && environment.devToolsExtension; };`

— Reference: angular-redux package > dev-tools.js

Then create 2 different compose ( Not DRY code, but it works for dev )

then if `isEnabled` passed use the compose with enhancer if not use the compose without.

I put in one of my applications with Angular 4 and Redux and it works :)

Alternatively Use Dev Environment variable ( As you suggested ), I personally not a fan of this because I will end up sprinkle this every where in my application.

In the production, I need to come up with a better strategy or work flow to remove the redux dev tool.

Again, thank you for the brilliant article. Cheers

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