CASE STUDY: Explainer video production step by step

Nora: Behind Scenes

Today we would like to lift the veil on the explainer video creation process in our studio. We have already briefly described it here: Below you can see detail process using Nora explainer video as an example.


At first, we ask all our clients to fill in the Creative Brief, which helps us to understand the goals of the client, explore the product/service and define the targeted audience.
Creative brief is the key to success of the perfect explainer video,fill it in as accurate and precise as you can.

For example having examined Creative Brief in the current case we have understood that the target audience of Nora is the people at the age of 28–45 both sexes, choosing the medical and other types of insurance companies. They have property, work hard and travel often, they are on close terms with their smartphones and tablets and they get used to take advantage of apps instead of heaps of paper. So they have little time to decide between the dozens of insurance companies, and agility and accessibility are critical for them.


Now having your creative brief we can start a good old brainstorm with a lot of coffee and good ideas for the future video.

Brainstorming at

You may read here how to write a thrilling script . This time we chose v.3.3. of the script and often it’s only beginning. Be aware, such things take time to agree upon. First version of script we are making with marker on a whiteboard:

white boarding


On the same stage we produce style frames (usually 3–4) to help the client choose the style of the video. So you can choose the visual imagery at the very beginning and have a clear idea of what you will get at the end. Here are some style-frames we created for our client:

Nora styleframes by Hound Studio


Then a storyboard is prepared sketching out the script in visual form. All the scenes are shown with detailed description, explaining each action and movement that will take place in the video so the client can see the “sketch” of the future video and in case of need make the changes. Preparing of the storyboard allows to save time for any further changes which may be critical if the deadline is tight. Read more about storyboarding in our blog.

Storyboard — click to preview


Then we select voice over artist (either from our library or the artist preselected by the client) who narrates the script. Once it’s done we prepare an animatic to check how storyboard is working with narration:


Once style of the video is selected we create all characters:

Character Design

and design of all environment scenes:

Environment Scenes


Next is the animation, which is the most time consuming part. For Nora we developed environment and characters rigs.

Main Character
Troll Character

When it’s done we start animation process.


And last but not the least stage is when all sounds (including the music, voice-over, and sound effects) are mixing together to fit the animation. For Nora explainer video we have created a totally custom soundtrack to make the best impression with great sound effects and music. Voila! You have your unique explainer video.

Now you get the process of the explainer video creation by Hound Studio and if you want us to create your own unique explainer video do not hesitate to contact us to get a free quote today!