Welcome to the Hourglass Launch Station

The Hourglass Collective
2 min readDec 29, 2023

The Hourglass Launch Station dapp is now live.

The ONLY correct url for staking $WAIT is hourglasswait.com

For the best user experience, we recommend staking via a desktop browser. If you stake via mobile you need to open the dapp in the Metamask app browser, not your regular phone browser.


What happens at the end of the staking term?

At the end of the staking period, you have 7 days where you can re-stake the same or more in any staking plan to continue to accumulate Hourglass Power Points and increase your ranking. If you do not re-stake within 7 days, you will lose all your power points.

Can I stake multiple times from the same wallet?

Not yet, we will be adding this feature. Right now you can only stake once from each wallet.

What are the benefits of accumulating Hourglass Power Points?

Hourglass Power Points allow you to:

  1. Get exclusive whitelist access to some of the hottest Pre-Seed and Seed round Web3 token launch opportunities. Every opportunity will have a different cutoff, so the more Hourglass Power Points you have, the more likely you make the cut.
  2. Claim reward token drops from Hourglass Collective Incubated Projects including Alpha District, Turbo Battle Arena, Twigg and more. The higher your power points, the higher share of our incubated project token drops you will receive.
  3. Get whitelist access and reward token drops from our constantly growing Launch Partners and Reward partners list.

The more $WAIT that is staked and the longer the commitment, the faster the Hourglass Power Points grow.

For more information on what is coming when you participate, we highly recommend viewing our latest Twitter Spaces:

Dec 30th Spaces link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lDxLPwwDLbxm

Dec 23 Spaces link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lPKqbjYODEGb

About the Hourglass Collective:

The Hourglass Collective is an elite incubator and launch station led by some of the top Entrepreneurs, Founders, VCs, and KOLS in Web3.

By staking $WAIT and earning Hourglass Power Points in our proprietary Dapp, you can gain coveted access to participate in these launches at the early seed level.

In addition, $WAIT stakers will be able to claim token rewards from Hourglass reward partners and incubated projects.

The higher your Hourglass Power Points, the higher your allocation for whitelist access and reward tokens.

Visit our staking dapp at hourglasswait.com