Latest Abaya Designs 2017, Islamic Clothing UK

The latest hijab fashion trend is here. The new fashion takes care of the women’s chastity while exhibiting the most recent trends. You can select from a range of abaya style. Muslim hijab fashion keeps on evolving thanks to the artistic forms. The hijab fashion helps Muslim women cover themselves according to the religious teachings of Islam.

The Arabian women are very particular about covering themselves up before leaving their homes. The Muslim hijab fashion comes in different comfortable fabrics as well. Besides the natural silk, women can find them in several other colors. A modern abaya style has also added the embroidery touch to it. The Muslim hijab fashion keeps evolving over time.

Lace Work on Abaya 2017

The new Abaya 2017 trends follow lacing around the neck and front area. The embroidery on sleeves adds attraction, so women do not need to use scarves. The new abayas also come with matching scarves, in case you need to have one. Just keeping looking for the modern abaya designs 2017 to stay in touch with the new styles.

Nike Hijab for Muslim Sports Women

Nike, one of the biggest brands in the sporting world came up with its hijab. The Nike hijab for Muslim sportswomen goes well with their active lifestyle. The sporting women do not need to rely on the old style veils. The new fabric used in the Nike hijab is breathable for all kinds of weather conditions. The sports women can do all their sporting activities with their Nike hijab.