Apple Test Self-Driving Car in the USA

Apple has got the approval to test Apple self driving cars in the USA. Apple car concept is somewhat similar as it works towards its version of the self-driving car. The Apple iCar is in works as per the rumors circulating. Information on the Apple self-driving car features is still not publicly available for anyone to view.

However, many believe that the new Apple iCar will give Tesla, Google, and other self-driving manufacturers a run for their money. Many newspapers have quoted the Apple car concept project secretly named as ‘Titan.’

Some of the other rumors point to the fact that Apple auto project was once worked upon by several hundreds of company’s employees. Apple self-driving car remains a mystery to many. There are no proven facts about specifications or other technical details. A new recent report claims to spot of Apple car concept for self-driving. There is no certainty if it is the Apple iCar many points towards. The sighting is reported in California, and it turns out to be true, we may see Apple auto mobiles.

The reported Apple self-driving car relies on hardware from some other firm. If this is believed to be true, it also means Apple car concept relies on third-party hardware for now. Maybe Apple iCar does not have a hardware of its own. The hardware of Apple self-driving car coming from a third party surprised many in the auto industry. Google understand that hardware is a critical part of autonomous vehicles. Therefore, reports are suggesting that Google is working on its hardware. This article is published By Hours TV.