Angular 2 versus React: There Will Be Blood

Cory House
Jan 3, 2016 · 10 min read
Photo credit: @jwcarrol

You’re Comparing Apples and Orangutans!

Angular 2 Advantages

Low Decision Fatigue

TypeScript = Clear Path

Reduced Churn

Broad Tooling Support

Web Component Friendly

React Advantages


Contrasting how Angular 2 and React handle a missing closing tag

React Fails Fast and Explicitly

React is JavaScript-Centric

Angular 2 continues to put “JS” into HTML. React puts “HTML” into JS.

React’s JavaScript-centric design = simplicity

{{myVar}} //One-way binding
ngModel="myVar" //Two-way binding
<li *ngFor="#hero of heroes">
{ =>
<li key={}>{}</li>

To read Angular: Learn a long list of Angular-specific syntax.

To read React: Learn JavaScript.

Ember: {{# each}}
Angular 1: ng-repeat
Angular 2: ngFor
Knockout: data-bind=”foreach”
React: JUST USE JS. :)
onClick={this.onSelect.bind(this, hero)}

Luxurious Development Experience

Size Concerns

React Embraces the Unix Philosophy.

The philosophy of small, composable, single-purpose tools never goes out of style.

Showdown Summary

Thanks to Clayton Hunt

Cory House

Written by

Pluralsight Author, Principal at, Software Architect, Microsoft MVP, Speaker, Clean Coder, Aspiring Outlier.

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