Why we chose Angular 2 over React for our enterprise software development work

Good stuff. I appreciate your thoughtful analysis and totally see why you came to this conclusion. Both are excellent options. I explored React and Angular 2 in detail here: https://medium.freecodecamp.com/angular-2-versus-react-there-will-be-blood-66595faafd51#.slp336szj

I came to the opposite conclusion for our team, since our priorities and final approach differ from yours. We resovled the concerns around React’s supporting libraries by carefully selecting mature, stable libraries (Redux, Axios, Babel, ESLint, and so on). We put all this into a starter kit that we use for all new projects. With unopinionated libraries like React, this step is really helpful. I collected more of my thoughts on this approach here: https://medium.com/@housecor/the-javascript-checklist-manifesto-you-need-a-starter-kit-d463b8908131#.gkovajvt6

Thanks for the post!

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