3 Ways to Avail of Benefits of Minor Car Repair

In Today’s age cars have become a lifeline of sorts. With public transport bursting at the seams, it’s now necessary to own a car. But buying a car is just the beginning; you have to keep in mind certain points after the initial purchase. It’s essential to regularly note changes in the car’s performance and go to a car repair services company immediately if you find any fault in the car. Here you can save a lot by getting benefits of DIY minor car repairs. Want to know how? Here are 3 ways to enable these benefits.

1) Avoid a bigger problem when you repair the car in the initial stage

Like in life, it’s essential to stop any problem in the bud. When there is a minor problem in the engine, or the battery sounds weird, you should know it’s time to take the car to a garage and get car repair benefits. Being attentive to such seemingly minor issues will help you save money on a bigger repair bill.

2) Educate yourself

A famous saying goes “jack of all trades and master of none”. We would go further and say it’s ok to be the jack of some trades if not all; and basic car repair is one of them. With basic car repair benefits, you won’t have to run to the garage every time your car doesn’t start or breaks down in the middle of the road. Also in highways or some remote places it very difficult to find a mechanic or a garage and road assistance services charge you a bomb for just picking up your car from the road to the car repair place. This is where basic knowledge of what’s under the hood becomes valuable.

3) Get some basic handy tools

Some of the basic tools which come very handy in the case of your car’s breakdown are:

• Hand wrenches/Spanners — Carry open end/box end wrenches in sizes of 11mm-19mm. You can go for popular brands like Stanley, taparia, crescent etc.

• Screwdrivers — Get a set of long and short handle screwdrivers with flat / crossed tipped. It offers a handy grip as it comes in both varieties: wooden and plastic. Look out for the corrosion resistance ones which have a blade made of hardened steel.

• Pliers — a pair of long needle nose pliers are a must for any car owner. Pliers should be made of tempered steel and resistant to corrosion. Look out for those pliers which provide a perfect grip as most often they slip out of hand due to grease and oil.

• Oil change tools/spark plug gauges — An oil filter wrench is required for the changing of oil. Ensure the right size that fits your car’s oil filter. Another thing that is essential to start a car is a spark plug. Ensure the spark plug fits your vehicle perfectly as they come in different fits and sizes.

It is advisable to go for an AMC (annual maintenance contract) from a car repair company. However, with the above points, you can also get minor car repair benefits if you do it yourself, in the event of a minor breakdown.