colR™ — A Why Paper v2.3

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This document is to be taken as a fluid and working mind map of the colR project. Ideas, names, dates, and anything within can change and should be used only as a rubric of future goals of the colR™. Interpret everything within as a fluid vision board subject to change. This document will evolve quickly as progress is made, new objectives are set, achieved, and delivered.

colR: A ‘Why’ Paper

Defined (colR): a phygital’ (physical and digital) community and lifestyle members club leveraging the power of blockchain technology to create one-of-a-kind activations, experiences, and product launches utilizing a wide range of relationship capital across many verticals.

“We believe that decentralized technology will be the foundation for the next generation of computing innovation — in conjunction with totally new sectors of both the financial and economic system — will disrupt industries outside its financial origins to become a new medium to express, share, and monetize.”

— A message from the founders


  • What is colR™?
  • Statement of purpose
  • The business of Web 2.5/3; ‘phygital’ (digital and physical)
  • colR Founders Pass — Digital FoundeRs Club
  • colR Fusion Power: Codename Gamma
  • colR culture
  • How do I participate in colR™?
  • Tokenomics
  • Roadmap
  • Team & advisors
  • colR official links

What is colR?

colR is a private phygital club made up of industry thought leaders, blockchain activists, and digital natives who share a common vision of on-boarding 100 million people into Web3 over the next 5 years. As well as being a private and elevated lifestyle community, colR is also a synergistic ecosystem of emerging technologies providing both entertainment and brand consultancy that is focused on bridging the divide from Web2 into Web2.5 and beyond, providing a safe pair of hands to guide you seamlessly onto Web3.

We like to think of ourselves as the Web3 SoHo house; a group of people at the nexus of taste, style and blockchain innovation. We cite the SoHo House for a reason, we are exclusive, we value member privacy, and we cultivate the highest calibers of talent; our holders are our valued members, and the only people that will have unlimited access to all of our drops. All NFT Pass holders of colR will be able to access exclusive digital and physical content activations from our brand collaborations.

  • Access to tier 1 entertainment, media, and technology companies and their emergence into the Web2.5/3 space through our partnerships
  • Physical events to celebrate both the physical and digital experience in Web3
  • Whitelist opportunities for exclusive merchandise, RL artwork, colR Art NFT’s, blockchain games, Hollywood films, and many other bucket list experiences around the globe
  • Broad network of native Web3 enthusiasts all set on the common goal of mass adoption

Our ethos and collective background allows the colR team to stand out amongst crypto projects, as successful veterans in the real world having forged powerful careers and possessing the skill sets and relationships to elevate colR to a new standard. The colR team is fully doxxed and totally transparent; there are no pseudonyms, aka’s, nom de plumes or mysterious figures amongst our founders and our team. We are who we say we are; we’re approachable, accountable, attentive — this is unheard of in the crypto community, and something that we are proud of, and makes colR unique beyond our ethos.

Statement of purpose

The primary mission of colR is to make Web3 accessible to all. This involves simplifying the tech and language to avoid alienating anyone, building frictionless on-ramps for consumers, and creating real world utility to solve the problems limiting adoption. The cornerstone of colR™ is not just the colR token and our Founders Pass both built on Ethereum, but a fully transparent community led by a fully doxxed team of seasoned professionals from brand marketing to blockchain, all with world class pedigrees.

The community is an integral part of the colR ecosystem. It is an internal sounding board that serves to amplify good ideas and ensures our brand, and film & TV activations integrate properly with the existing Web3 natives. A global think tank containing luminaries from every vertical. Some have described us as the Camp David of Web3 innovation.

To achieve this mass adoption, we’ve set our sights on becoming a “safe pair of hands” to brands & IP holders in entertainment and other verticals. We will create content, activate audiences, and even evolve legacy web2 platforms and programs to work in a web 2.5 world.

The business of Web 2.5/3; ‘phygital’ (digital and physical)

For the new generations, as well as many of the old, significant time is being allocated online both traditionally and in virtual spaces. For exactly this reason, items that were once physical such as books, music, movies, and pictures, now all exist as digital files saved to drives or in the cloud. This metamorphosis from physical to digital has made it increasingly more ordinary to own your digital assets, as well as digital variations of your physical property.

The colR community is a digital domain, utilizing the latest web3 tech, tokens, and NFT’s to curate limited collections of art, fashion, and innovative tech products. We will transcend the strictly digital and will also exist in the physical realm for our major events, and product launches centered around tech, music, shopping, and art. colR will host various events in the real world, while also existing simultaneously across the metaverse.

At colR we aim to bridge the divide between digital and traditional worlds by creating solutions to on-board both crypto native and non-crypto native demographics. An example of this is to allow credit/debit card options as well as processes that don’t require having even a crypto wallet at the time of enrolment.

It is in this merge, creating ‘Phygital’ products that we will begin the mass onboarding of the world into the Web2.5/3 space. The pedigree of our connections and partners is of the highest caliber never before seen in the crypto sphere. To be part of colR™ and join the movement is to join in on a tidal wave of innovation and disruption at the forefront of the next phase of cryptocurrency adoption.

colR Founder’s Pass — Digital FoundeRs Club

colR is a decentralized community and collective that allows exclusive access to buy our curated upcoming NFT’s and Web3 products. The Founder’s Pass NFT will serve as a private membership, giving first access to our drops of unique art and fashion. The pass also grants invitations to immersive events and experiences across Web2, 2.5 and Web3 — and as previously mentioned, also in the physical world. Your admission and access into our one-of-a-kind membership is your Founder’s Pass NFT!

Being a founder in colR is to be part of a think tank of like-minded individuals all set on a common goal. To be at the forefront in bringing the world’s brands and 1 billion people into Web2.5 and Web3.

Some colR founders are industry thought leaders and pioneers in their fields, others are recognized academics and blue-chip company founders; to be a founder is to be a leader of a SoHo house-like digital and IRL club that blends the real world and the metaverse into one seamless community.

By owning a Founders Pass, community members will have special access to collaborate with thought leaders, avant garde founders, and project leaders to help push forward innovative ideas within the web 2.5 space. Founders can expect to have rare opportunities to partake in creator and brand driven projects within the colR ecosystem

In addition to the digital events, founders will be able to participate in exclusive red-carpet events that are a celebration of the fundamental ethos of the community. These events are a natural extension of the pedigree and prestige inherent to the core founder’s community and the brands being represented.

Founders have access to:

  • A network of top-tier professionals
  • Partnership news
  • Exclusive phygital merch drops
  • Auto-Whitelist for any and all colR™ brand drops
  • Special access and event experiences digitally and in the real world

colR Fusion Power

The Fusion Power System — “Codename Gamma”

The colR Fusion Power system is a combined NFT technology and ERC-20 token model that merges the functionality and unique features of each smart contract type together into one synergistic system.

By owning a Founders Pass you are granted membership to our club.

This alone is incredibly valuable since it offers access into our ecosystem and the ability to enjoy the benefits found within. Access to exclusive clubs is already a well understood and cherished reality such as the SoHo house being a key example already in use today.

We have decided that club members should be treated equally at a baseline in order to create energy within our ecosystem. Individuals can then choose to add Fusion Levels to their status by supporting the club or acquiring our utility token, $colR. We will describe the Social Power aspect of the Fusion System in greater detail at a later date. Right now, it’s enough to know that you will be rewarded if you bring good will to the world in the name of colR and add value to the club with your own potential.

By adding Fusion levels, members will be granted access to an ever growing list of new features. The specifics of these benefits will be further described as they roll out and in more detail as they become available. But in general, they can be considered as granting value in-addition to previous Fusion Power levels.

It’s also worth noting that the ranges of the $colR token that determine the pass level are adjustable. We believe that fairness should be the primary goal of our community. As a result, we’re committed to assessing and recalculating the required thresholds to level-up your pass as market conditions change and the supply and demand of our utility token fluctuates. Fusion Power is activated by staking your Founders Pass and any amount of $colR token up to the wallet limit of 2,000,000. The staking system and this technology is a work in progress with planned release in Q1 2023.

colR culture

colR believes that having a global, diverse, inclusive, and transparent community is key to building a better web3 world. colR is full spectrum and our path is the middle way in all things. colR loves everyone, we love nature and the environment and embrace sustainability and as a private members club we ask our members to hold true to these core values. At colR, we see a white space in building a transparent, fully doxxed, safe/friendly brand and global community that rises above the typical crypto protocols. colR is more than simply holding speculative coins of fluctuating value, colR is a new way.

How do I participate in colR?

How can I get a colR Digital Founders Pass?

  • The Digital Founders Pass can be minted directly on our minting page.

How can I purchase colR’s native utility token?

NFT Drops

  • colR is aiming to release exclusive drops from the world’s leading brands. These drops will be announced and will have no specific date/time prior to the official announcement. Stay up to date at our website or on colR’s official twitter


  • You can participate in community discussions via colR’s official links at the bottom of this document


  • Token address: 0xB2D2e1309dB33b38A19eE2A7cD9cb5de39d76663
  • Initial Supply: 100,000,000 Tokens
  • Circulating Supply: 100,000,000 Tokens
  • Initial LP: 5 ETH and 62,000,000 colR

The TrustSwap locked tokens are strategic partnership, venture capital, and future liquidity focused assets to be used for growth of the project in a timely fashion pending development and unlock maturity date.

  • Buy/Sell Tax: 7%

colR was stealth launched through a launchpad service with 10% of the supply allocated to whitelist participants. There was no pre-sale, ICO, or VC round. 4% (4,000,000 million tokens) of the whitelist went unclaimed and was added back to company holdings for partnership usage. The remaining 6% (6,000,000 million tokens) was airdropped at deployment to the winning whitelist addresses shown in etherscan. As a result of the unclaimed launchpad whitelist supply returning to the team, 4,000,000 million tokens were burned from the developer wallet as shown in etherscan.

colR has been ERC-20 DEX tradable since July 8th, 2022.