I would like to point out that Bernie was not just born.
Denise Blevins

Denise Blevins, “bernie or bust” people are very small percentage of the base. To say that Bernie has ruined the election is to say that Hillary doesn’t have a stockpile of skeletons sitting in her closet. What Bernie did was wake up a large population of voters who had given up on the process because they didn’t think they had a place in it. What you’re saying now is that we should give up on those voters. The ones who want MORE from our politicians than shady “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” Sanders got 48% of the vote. He is not to blame for speaking the truth and people realizing that perhaps the establishment isn’t our only option. I’m unsure what brought you to this article, but this was meant to be a call for Bernie supporters to feel semi-okay with saving the world and voting for Hillary in Nov. Chances are, many of the Bernie voters never planned on voting from Hillary to begin with. Independents don’t always bend left. Anyway, the attacks on Bernie supporters have to stop. They are baseless. It’s doing nothing for the cause. No use in trying to put a gun to people’s heads, while trying to insinuate that they are young and stupid. After-all, Thomas Jefferson was a mere 33 when he wrote the Declaration. :) Anyway, thanks for reading. Let’s spend our next months trying to be nice to fellow liberals and uniting to beat Trump.

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