10 cool ideas to create your own asylum haunted house

Are you thinking of throwing the coolest haunted house party this year? We’ve got some really cool ideas to help you pull off the best haunted house theme. Transforming your home into a scary and spooky place is fun for children and adults alike. So here are some awesome ideas to get you started.

1. Glowing pumpkins

You definitely need pumpkins to decorate your haunted house. Use zinc sulfide to make the pumpkins glow. You don’t need to carve them out. Simply applying the powder made of zinc sulfide can bring out a nice glowing effect in the dark.

2.Glowing graveyard

Glowing graveyard is perfect for setting the scene of a haunted house. You can take cardboard boxes and cut them in the shape of a tombstone and then use spray paint to cover them up. Use lighting to make the writings on the tombstone glow. You can even buy powder that you can stick on the letters to make them glow.

3. Design cool costumes

Your costumes need to be on point if you will be inviting people to your asylum haunted house. You can choose any kind of costume you like by getting ideas online. You may even design your own costumes including the shoes just make them look terrifying.

4. Use asylum signs

Make a big sign for your haunted house and stick it out on the front door and the balcony where people can see it. You can use craft paper to design your own unique sign and paint it black or red with glued letters to give it a sophisticated look. For an additional effect, you can light up the sign to make it look more spooky.

5. Creepy pictures

Replace your family portrait with some scary images and place them in the living room, bathroom and bedrooms. You can either make custom images for your asylum haunted house or look out for stores online that sell scary medical images for Halloween. Even drawings of skeletons can work magic in scaring your guests. Just think outside the box when it comes to picture frames.

6. Skeletons

Skeletons bring out such an easy and impressive effect. You can put a skeleton in the bathtub or any other area like the corner of a living room to make to make the area look spooky. You can have different variations and sizes of skeletons.

7. Change the lighting

Have you seen the lighting used in most Indinapolis haunted houses? Lighting is very critical because it sets the mood. Replacing your normal bulbs with the red fluorescent ones can work magic. But be cautious on the places where you change the lighting. Areas like the kitchen still need adequate lighting if you’ll be having people come over for a party.

8. Decorate the hallway

Hallways, no matter how small, can be the perfect place to set up the haunted house theme. There’s a lot that can be done to transform this space from covering the walls with white cloths with blood stains to hanging masks on the walls and the door, there are so many brilliant ideas to spice up this space.

9. Make custom invitations

Spooky invitations will really set the mood in your haunted house. Take your time to design some amazing invitations that give people an idea of what they should put on as their costume and what to expect in your haunted house

10. Spice up the ceiling

Stick items in your ceiling that bring out that spooky feeling. You can hang cheap plastic syringes dipped in blood or change the bulb and put frosted lighting that completely transforms the room. Look for cool Halloween hangings for your ceiling.

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