The party gets more fun with The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Heads Up! is everyone’s favorite IRL party game — top 5 in app charts for the past 5 years! It’s fun, social, and can only be played together. To extend the fun of the Heads Up!, …

Be you, be there, be together

Houseparty here! Didn’t recognize us?! That’s because we’ve got a fresh look. We think it fits us just right.

Since launch, we’ve advocated for face-to-face communication because it’s the closest thing to hanging out in person. In-the-moment expressions and dialogue are what make us human and require mutual involvement. Sure…

Ever want to capture a moment and share it with friends? Now you can!

We’re thrilled to introduce Facemail. The first and only way to share highlights from group video chats! Think of it as video “voicemail” that you can share with everyone who couldn’t be there.

You’ve got Facemail!

Our users average 55 minutes a day chatting in the app. All together, that totals over 18.8 billion minutes spent video chatting since launch. Facemail lets users share their favorite Houseparty moments with friends inside or outside of the app.

We are committed to driving real conversations with your real friends online. We hope you take some time out of your day to send love…with your face! ❤

Save your favorite moments.

Download Houseparty for free in Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

Introducing Group Video Chat for Your Desktop

As we’re nearing one billion video chats, we’re excited to launch Houseparty for Mac today. The Mac App is our next step towards helping friends spend time together (not with each other’s profiles) online. Just like Houseparty’s mobile app, the Mac app allows…


Face-to-face social network

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