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Building the Internet’s Living Room

Conventional wisdom says all these screens under our noses take time away from meaningful, face-to-face relationships. But what if the Internet actually served as a conduit to community? What if you were able not only to hear and see, but to be with people three time zones or thousands of miles away?

We’d all love to see our friends and family everyday, but space and time — and even just coordinating busy schedules — often gets in the way. And after more than a hundred of years, the format of calling is simply outdated: it’s too formal, too hard to catch someone during their down time, and everyone hates voicemail.

The most popular online communities to date have evolved around asynchronous communication, so there’s something fundamentally appealing about rethinking online presence. People are already seeing that appeal, and currently spending 40 years worth of time each day talking to friends on Houseparty.

Our mission has always been to connect people in the most human way possible when we are physically apart. With Houseparty, we’re building the internet’s living room.

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