Take the Party Deskside

Jun 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Introducing Group Video Chat for Your Desktop

As we’re nearing one billion video chats, we’re excited to launch Houseparty for Mac today. The Mac App is our next step towards helping friends spend time together (not with each other’s profiles) online. Just like Houseparty’s mobile app, the Mac app allows you to be “in a room” with eight people at once without calling them, scheduling a meeting, or sending out video conferencing links that never seem to work (don’t forget: you can have infinite rooms that you can swipe in between on mobile or tap between on Mac). Houseparty on Mac gives you floating bubbles that you can move around the screen so you can be with your friends and family while going about your computing.

Members of our community are already spending almost an hour a day on Houseparty talking to people they care about, and the Mac App is designed to make it easier for people to be with their friends no matter what brings them to their screens. Planning a bachelorette party with ladies across the country? Getting help from friends on a paper…while you write the paper? Do it together, on your computers…really.

Download the app through Mac App Store or by visiting Houseparty.com.

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