Report from the Chair and Managing Director
3 October 2017

House with No Steps’ Vision, Values and Purpose were unchanged in 2016/17, reflecting our long-standing, exclusive focus on supporting people with a disability and upholding their human rights.

Vision: Inclusive communities which respect, value and empower all people with a disability

Values: Empowerment, Respect, Inclusion, Commitment and Achievement

Purpose: We help people with a disability live a great life.

2016/17 was the first year of House with No Steps’ 3-year 2016–19 IMPACT Plan. We made strong progress executing the strategic initiatives in the plan. The highlights include:

  • The Board established…

At House with No Steps our strategy and practice reflect our commitment to helping people with a disability live a great life.

This includes ensuring that they:

  • Are respected as equals within our community
  • Are protected from all forms of mistreatment, exploitation, abuse, neglect, and discrimination
  • Have choice and control over their lives
  • Receive supports that are individualised to their specific needs.

People with a disability have a valuable role to play in our organisation, so we make sure they have a voice and are involved in our Governance. Our organisational performance is measured through the outcomes that people with a disability achieve.

House with No Steps recognises it is accountable to a broad range of stakeholders, but particularly our customers, for…

Customers drive everything we do at HWNS. After all, our impact can only be a strong as our customer relationships.

Technology enables excellence, growth, and profitability — and by using it strategically, we can lift our productivity, engagement, and outcomes.

Overall 2016/17 was a great year for House with No Steps and we look to the future with confidence.

Our revenues grew by 14% to $171.5m with a net profit of $4.2m which was $1.2m more than last year. Bequest donations continue to increase, properties were sold for a profit and there were proceeds from mergers. Total operating costs increased 13%.

We re-invested our profits and cash reserves in improving properties and purchasing plant and equipment. We continued to grow our donor numbers.

2016/17 Revenue & 2016/17 Net Profit

Thank you to our committed volunteers, donors, and everyone who has supported House with No Steps over the year. Each of you help us to achieve our purpose.

This year our individual volunteers dedicated 19,923 hours of their time, an amazing contribution!

Our Board of Directors also all serve on a voluntary basis, dedicating their time and expertise to a cause close to their hearts.

In total this financial year 24 community-minded organisations have volunteered a significant 2,388 hours with House with No Steps.

Our committed Corporate Volunteers included:

Eli Lilly
Morgan Stanley
William Buck
Wellington Management
Best Technology Services
K&L Gates

This year we were fortunate to receive a…

Our success depends on our team, so we work hard to attract, develop, motivate, and retain the very best people.

By pursuing new partnerships and mergers, HWNS is working to expand, have a wider impact, increase our awareness, and grow our reputation.

Welcome to our 2017 Annual Review. I hope you enjoy reading about the work we do, our achievements, and the impact we’ve had on the lives of people living with a disability, their families and carers.

In the fast-changing NDIS world, we need to challenge the status quo and find new ways to improve our customers’ lives.


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