Left or right?

In life things are very tricky, appearances are tremendously deceiving, not easy to survive nor make a living without struggles.
Apart from all the difficulties and atrocities that would emerge from time to time, the purpose of living should be a permanent and prominent one.

As long as we live, we will be found in challenging situations, vis à vis extremely difficult events which would require a bold cleverness at decision-making. However, life is a severe tutor. Intelligence itself would not be enough. We would have to learn from our mistakes and some would learn from others’ mistakes, both ways we still learn the hard way. Consequently, the morals driven from the lessons are engraved in our brains, because we don’t accept to suffer again, to be in conflicts on an internal aspect as the external one of our composition.

There are going to be huge and large-scale successes, top-notch living conditions, high wages, complacency…etc. Nevertheless, humankind is such a miraculous creation and of course so curious and too greedy to be content with one thing or satisfied with a used thing, always in research of the so-called “moreness”.

Furthermore, getting to live in this world, or -this century, is something which needs us to have a basic understanding of its own 101. Learning the haste language, the speed vocabulary, and the time management grammar. Wherever you are living, we are all concerned to comply with the rules. People generally like to get faster and they admire heading up the folks, so they slightly or completely break the rules, which is true. It may take them go faster but for sure not longer.

The wisdom lies in the appropriateness, the right time and the right place, however, we would not as a whole make it to this level of steadiness. But we have nothing to lose with trying. Do your best!

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