Become an Unstoppable Force!

30 things you can do to make it happen.

1. Act!

I get it. You’re scared to go there and get rejected. There are 3 kinds of people in this world. Watchers, planners and doers. If you had 3 employees and you told them that they had to chop down trees. Chopping down a tree isn’t hard at its core. You gave them an axe and told them to get to it. One of them goes running and starts to chop! The other one runs off to and starts to plan how he is going to chop it down so that he can be faster than the others. The last one stands there and watches the other two till he decides to pick how he's going to chop it down. You come back 5 hours later and the first guy has chopped down 10 trees. The planner has chopped down 4 and the last one has chopped down 1. Be the one to chop the 10 trees. He will eventually find a faster and faster way through doing.

2. Be Prepared.

You all have heard of the word luck before right? Well luck comes to people that meet preparation and opportunity. When the opportunity comes and you’re not ready then you’ll lose it and fail, be upset and then quit like a loser. If the opportunity came to you right now. Would you be ready to take advantage of it?

3. Don’t be money motivated…

“Money flows to the people that solve other people's most pressing problems!” — Hector LaMarque.

Success is hard. People say that you need to follow your passion because it gives you the best chances of sticking to it. You wont make money right away. Hell you probably won’t make money for a long time. That’s ok if that’s you right now! If you focus on becoming unstoppable, being great and helping the most people you can. Then money will flow to you. It’s a byproduct of your actions.

4. Never satisfied.

Comfort is success cancer. Keep upgrading your goals! If you’re going for greatness then you need to keep going. There will always be someone younger and better than you that is looking to take you down. If you stay still then that young bull is going to run your ass over so fast! When you’re unstoppable you’ll become obsessed with the upkeep of that success.

5. Be in control!

If you have a job you will already not be unstoppable. You need 100% control over what you do at all times. Without that control you will never have what you want in life. Someone else will always be telling you be “realistic” and start to plot against you. Control 100% of your time and your mind and you will unstoppable.

6. Always true to yourself.

what are your core values that you hold yourself to? If you don’t know what they are then you need to write them out right now. This is a non negotiable! Write them out and put them somewhere where you and others will see it. Make sure that people know who you are as a person. Hire and fire by the those values. For me in network marketing. I just chose who I will put my energy and time into by those values.

7. Don’t let off.

How hard is it boulder up a cliff? Fucking hard! Why would you let go of the boulder if you got tired? What if you got to the point that the incline is almost nothing and seems flat? Are you going to let go of it? If you do then over time you’ll look back and see that boulder flying down the hill and you have to get it back up. Keep the momentum going becuase it starts to make your life easier. It’s about maintain and pushing it a little bit more each day. Easier then pushing with all your strength for long periods of time.

8. Stop fearing the consequence.

In my profession which is in network marketing. I love that fact that people are terrified of nothing. Most people will be so scared to start a business part time with NO risk to their jobs. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What if you start part time, make good money while learning and then go full time to make 6 figures? What if you quit and you just go back to your life as it is? What’s worse? If you let fear hold you back becuase you don’t want to face the consequence of not pleasing everyone then be my quest. Just don’t hate me when you see me in my ferrari.

“As you rise, the number of critics will also rise. Humans seek out negativity. It’s a cognitive bias of their brains. Stay focused and proceed.” — Tai Lopez

9. Make people compete with you!

Be the shit. When you’re the person talk about being like one day. You now have competition. People want to beat the best there is so that they can have bragging rights. Be the best and stay the best. It’ll only make you better which means it will also make you more money.

10. Seek knowledge.

I hate talking to college people. No offense to those of you in college and are humble enough to know that you don’t know everything. Most of them though look down on me becuase I’m an entrepreneur who didn’t get a degree in business. I only bring it up becuase they think that they can’t learn anything from me. Always look to seek specialized knowledge. Learn from someone that is doing what you want to do or want to have in life.

11. Never enough success.

Be greedy with success. Make sure that it is all yours. There is never enough for you to have becuase if you don’t take it then someone else will and then they will beat you. Which now means that you have to compete with them and push the boulder back up the hill.

12. Don’t let your success stop you.

Like I said earlier above you don’t want to stop improving. Your comfort is your success cancer. So many people hit a goal and let off the gas. They reach $1,000,000 a year and never aim for $2,000,000. Keep going to better and better. You’re success can get to your head if you let and it will hard for you to maintain the boulder at the easy incline.

13. Own it!

People like other people that accept responsibilities. They own up to whatever happend. Those people are called leaders! It’s doesn’t matter if it wasn’t your fault. Own it for the sake of your business! Just learn from it and work to prevent it so that you don’t have to own it again and look like and idiot.

14. Grow mental toughness.

177 Mental toughness secrets of the world class is a great book to read for this. What makes Navy SEALs the very best of the best? It’s their ability to handle to missions. Those missions are the hardest in the world to execute and they do it with precision. That requires someone to be mentally sound and hyperfocused. Why not treat your business the same way? Be the SEAL of your life and kick ass in your life!

15. Have deep work!

What gets you into the flow state? If you don’t know anything about deep work then you should read the book called… Deep Work… When you know what triggers you to be in the best state of mind to get the most work done. Then you should make it a ritual to get into that state of work every single day!

16. Confidence is an asset.

Your biggest asset is your ability to make money. Confidence is a close #1 though. Confidence is key to your dream life. Without confidence you will be scared, anxious and unreliable. Which means that you will procrastinate… Build up your confidence by skilling up! People HATE sales for one reason. People hate pushy sales people. They just don’t understand that those sales people fucking suck at selling so they can’t really help you. What if that person knew exactly what to say and when to say it? Then he will be confident that he can do it well enough to make a sale. Thus people come in and feel comfortable knowing that the salesperson knows what he/she is doing. Skill up and be a confidence magnit!

17. Be with better people!

Are you the most positive person you know? If not then you need to change that. With you changing that then bad people will hate you and you’ll leave them. Then good people like yourself will like to be with you more and more. Thus you have a good core group of people that you can go far with. Hangout with 10 broke people and you’ll be the 9th, but hangout with 4 millionaires and you’ll be the 5th. You either rise to top or you’ll sink to the bottom.

18. Let shit go!

Your ego is bullshit. Let stupid shit go. The hate that you’re holding onto is only weighing you down. If it is weighing you down then mine as well set up shop at the bottom with the average people and become that 10th person now. If you let it go then you can start to rise and become a better person to become that 5th millionaire.

19. Have clear goals.

Do you have your goals and dreams everywhere you look? Do you know exactly what you want? Think and Grow Rich shows you exactly what to write out for your future. Without an exact definition of what you want, then how can you have a definite plan to get it? If you’re plan is not rock solid then how can you commit to it? You have no faith in the plan! Once it changes over and over and over again, you start to lose belief that you can commit to something. Then you’ll say “no” to everything and be average. It’s a slippery slope people.

20. Respond immediately.

Now once you read to have a clear goal. What should you do next? Write out your goals and dreams clear as day! Build this habit of responding lighting fast to everything. Once you know that something is needing to be changed you should act on it. You know what to do, but you second guess yourself like you did on a test back in school. Would you wait to respond to news of cancer in your body? Why would you wait to respond of having cancer of your goals and dreams?!

21. Keep it simple.

Would you be able to follow a GPS or a road map easier? The GPS of course! Why is that? Well it takes what the road map does and it makes it easier to follow. It will even talk to you and tell when to turn! You should be the same way for your business and your tribe of people that follow you. Is there a simple way for the them to get what you have?

“To create real wealth, make someone else wealthy first. This is the law of the mentor/apprentice.” — Tai Lopez

22. Don’t be jealous.

My mentor mentioned one time that you’re on a different chapter of life then someone else. We are all writing our own movie script or best selling book. When you see someone doing well off you shouldn’t be upset that you don’t have that yet. You need to understand that the person you’re seeing had already written that chapter of their life that you’re going through! Let it motivate you and give you hope that the process will work itself out.

23. Always take a shot!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” — Wayne Gretzky.

There are two questions you need to ask yourself before you go ahead with something. What's the worst thing that can happen & can I live with it?

24. Don’t get caught up in results.

When you reach a promotion in your network marketing company, when you get a huge notice on TV or even just having a good year of profit. Keep going! Don’t let those results define you or your business!

“You’re only as good as your last at bat.” — Gary Vaynerchuck

25. Do 10x!

Read the book The 10x Rule to really understand this concept.

26. Dreaming too small.

I hate realistic people. If you laugh at my goals and dreams I know that you’re either stuck at average or you’re laughing at excitement that you met someone as crazy as you. School always tells you to dream big, but not too big. You shouldn't aim to go to Jupiter. You should aim to go to the moon! You can do that! You settle for going to the moon and look out to the stares and want more, but you settled for the moon. Always knowing that you could have reached so much more. Samething with money… You want to make $1,000,000?! Only lucky people make that. Only smart people make that kind of money. Only crooks get rich on others. They gave up and know they are trying to put their ideals into you. Think bigger and change the world!

27. Have time to recover.

I can’t wait for the day I can go to places like this. Even though I can’t right now I still need time to recharge. We are human and we do get tired. We get tired physically, mentally and spiritually! Take time to enjoy your spouse, kids or even yourself with your hobbies. Lazy people don’t want to be successful. They fear what they don’t know. What they don’t know is that if you manage your time well enough and you’re already all in on your goals and dreams. You can make time to recharge at keep your relationships strong. People don’t need all of your time, they just need more quality of time. 2 hours of quality time with your kids is better than 8 hours of blah time with them.

28. Start before you’re ready!

Going back the first one. Act on what you need to. Almost all of you already know what you should be doing, but don’t becuase you feel like you’re not ready. Here is the thing though… more is caught than taught. Like me most of you learn more by doing. You learn how to get better as you along, but you’re scared of rejection!

29. No permission.

You know what is good for you. You don’t need people to tell you to drink water. You know that you should drink and when you’re thirsty enough you’ll drink it. Success is the same way! You might let people tell you what to do at your job and one day you’ll lose your mind and decide that enough is enough! You decide to go for it (take a drink of water). If you believe in yourself then so will everyone else.

“It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.”
— Grace Hopper

30. Zero excuses.

I love doing this exercise with people who are always coming up with reasons to not do something or quit. I have them write out all of their goals and dreams on a piece of paper. Then I tell them to write out the things that are holding them back on a piece of paper. I hold them up to their face and them to pick which one they want the most. In life you can’t be a success and hold onto your excuses at the same time. They decide right then and there which on they want more. When they decide to go for their dreams I throw away their excuses in front of them. If they bring up another excuses one more time then they don’t want it enough.

“I. Hate. Excuses. Excuses are a disease.” — Cam Newton
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