Give up on your dreams becuase I said so.

So prove them wrong.

You’re not that social.

You can’t do it.

Don’t be a salesperson.

You don’t have enough money to do it.

You won’t get anywhere doing that.

Hear any of these? I see people everyday give up on what they want in life. I mean they don’t even fucking try. I’m in the MLM business and I get the stereotype behind it, but if you’re open person that isn’t blind to the facts. Then all you need is some drive to do make it work.

You’re friends and family aren’t living your life for you. You’re your own person and you need to do what you need to for your dream life. Weird that us as humans are all different, but society tells us to have the same fucking dreams… Sorry, but I don’t want to hate my life and be average. I never listened to anyone after I joined and I didn’t ask for permission to join. I knew I wouldn’t get it. Now everyone I know accepts it. Here is the only way that I can put it into perspective to people and I suggest you do the same to your next recruits.

Dreams vs. Excuses

On one piece of paper have the person write out everything that they want in life and do in life.

The other piece of paper have them write down the reasons they don’t have what they want in life.

Now Write D on the dreams paper and E on the reasons paper. Now hold it in front of them and have them pick which one they want. They can’t have their dreams and say “no” to your business becuase that’s an excuse and they keep that paper.

It’s powerful because you show them to their face that they are ok with settling for less. We are hoping that it will open their eyes to the fact that they will be average and never have what they want. If they aren’t willing to risk some money to have a shot at residual income. Then there is no way in hell that they will ever start a business on their own. Thus they never have what they want.

It makes me sad each time it happens. You believe in them more than they do in themselves. Now if that sparks them and they start a business and live out their dreams then good for them! I will never not be happy for someone making it.

The good people in your life will accept what you’re doing and going for. If they don’t then you just need to get them out of your life. End of story. They are holding you back and making your life toxic. Only ask people that want to see you win in life.

Now I’m curious what you all do. What is your last ditch effort to get someone to get into your business?